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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Hope springs eternal.

Matt Carpenter is flawless.
Matt Carpenter is flawless.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

A quick chart of each team in the National League Central's strength of schedule. Next Friday I will calculate the rest of the season strength of schedule (based on win/loss record for simplicity).

InfogramGoogle Docs

What Else is Going On in Baseball...

  • Albert Pujols has a swollen lymph gland in his groin. That doesn't sound good. - MLB
  • Well at least the Dodgers had fun this weekend. - Cut4
  • Brandon Belt told a young cancer survivor he was going to hit a home run for her. Then he hit a home run for her. - Cut4
  • So, Bryce Harper might be ready to come back, it appears. - CBS Sports
  • Brock Holt \o/ - Fangraphs
  • The Oakland As are staying in Oakland... maybe. - Fangraphs
  • Here is a gif of Miguel Cabrera picking up Jose Altuve. - SBNation

What the Cardinals Are Up To...

  • I am really scared about Michael Wacha, guys... - STLToday
  • When Adam Wainwright says he is going to do something, he does it. - Sports on Earth
  • The Cardinals had a rough weekend, scoring four runs in the four game series. - STLToday
  • Mike Matheny is wondering something... - STLToday

The NL Central

  • Homer Bailey flirts with his third no-hitter. - MLB
  • The Reds sign a 5-11 Cuban reliever with an 86 mph fastball, Raciel Iglesias, to a contract reportedly worth $27 million. - SBNation
  • Ryan Braun and Carlos Gomez are trying to play into the All Star Game. - MLB
  • Standings

Milwaukee Brewers 51 33 .607
Cincinnati Reds 43 38 .531
St. Louis Cardinals 44 39 .530
Pittsburgh Pirates 42 40 .512
Chicago Cubs 34 46 .425
The San Francisco Giants

  • Is Tim Lincecum really any different? - Fox Sports
  • Timmy may have thrown a no-hitter, but the Giants are still a mess. - SBNation
  • Sergio Romo has been relieved of his closing duties. - SBNation
  • Aaron will hit you up with a preview tomorrow. In the meantime, you can check out McCovey Chronicles for more Giants info. - McCovey Chronicles

Weekend Scoreboard:
Friday, June 27 Cardinals 3 Dodgers 1 VEB Recap TBLA Recap
Saturday, June 28 Cardinals 1 Dodgers 9 VEB Recap TBLA Recap
Sunday, June 29 Cardinals 0 Dodgers 3 VEB Recap TBLA Recap

Tonight is a much needed off day as the Cards have just finished playing 18 straight. Time to regroup and come out strong for July where the club will have 12 of 24 games at home, plus the All Star break. July will be an opportune time to make up some ground, playing 4 series against teams under .500 and two series against division opponents (Pittsburgh, then Milwaukee).

Tomorrow the Birds, with fresh faced rookie Marco Gonzales, face Timmy Lincecum, thrower of no-hitters, and the Giants. Start time is at 9:15pm CST, thanks to being on the west coast, and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest and KMOX 1120 for St. Louis and CSN-BA, KNBR 680, and KTRB 860 for San Fran.

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