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Hunt and Peck: Special Oscar Taveras Edition

Behold, he comes, leaping over the mountains, bounding over the hills.

Dilip Vishwanat

You guys. You know, people are always running down amazing things. This guy Hobbs, you ain't seen nothing yet. I got a feeling...


Oscarpe Diem
Reaction Around the Web:

Non-Oscar News...

  • Carlos Martinez had a rough week. - STL Today
  • Vin Scully is a national treasure and this article is definitely worth a read. - SBNation
  • Speaking of the Dodgers, today is Yasiel Puig's anniversary! (thanks fink, although this might be more for you than for us! :) - Dodgers Digest
  • Check out Royals Review's preview of this week's series. - Royals Review
  • Fink did a preview, too. Q&A style. - Viva el Birdos
  • More info on our Missouri counterparts can be found at their SBN blog. - Royals Review
Weekend Scoreboard of Oscar and Despair:
Friday, May 30 Giants 6 Cardinals 5 VEB Recap MC Recap
Saturday, May 31 Giants 0 Oscars 2 VEB Recap MC Recap
Sunday, June 1 Giants 8 Cardinals 0 VEB Recap MC Recap
Monday, June 2 Royals 6 Cardinals 0 VEB Recap RR Recap

Tonight wraps up the 2 game series at Busch and the Cardinals' homestand as they will be playing the next 7 on the road. Tonight's starters are Jaime Garcia and James Shields. The game is slated for an hour earlier tonight at 6:15pm. Coverage is available on Fox Sports Kansas City and Fox Sports Midwest and on the radio on KCSP 610, Royals Radio Network, and KMOX 1120.

Keep your heads up, guys. Although it seems like the Cardinals have been playing terribly, it really only amounts to a bad turn through the rotation. Let's hope Jaime can right the ship tonight. And if you need something else to cheer you up:



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