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Cardinals at Dodgers 6/28 Recap: UGH

Poor pitching, sloppy defense, and lack of timely hitting will not win you ballgames.

Saddest home run faces ever.
Saddest home run faces ever.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers and Cards in a tight pennant race

Both teams were pitching their second-best ace

Lynn melted down

Greinke was sound

Cards fall 6.5 games out of first place

Tonight's recap will be slightly abbreviated, for several reasons.  First, I didn't get to actually watch the game, because it was blacked out.  (Note: I originally wrote that I was blacked out, and then much later realized how that sounded...)  It was probably on TV here locally, but since I spent the day in the office (and am in fact still here!) writing an appellate answering brief, I only had audio.  Which brings me to reason number two for the short recap.  If you've never had the distinct pleasure of rehashing everything that happened in a case over the last three years and trying to explain it all to a total stranger, then you are missing out, pal.  And if you can ever spend 9+ hours on something like that and still have a desire to write anything else (even when it is your most favorite thing to write about, ever), bravo.  Someone should give you a cookie.

I digress.  Onto the game.

The Bad News

  • The Cardinals lost 9-1.
  • Lance Lynn only lasted two innings, in which he threw 61 pitches, gave up nine hits, two walks, and seven runs.  11 batters walked to the plate in the second inning.  It was not great.  Lynn left after two innings.  During the second inning, Matheny and a trainer visited Lynn and seemed to be discussing an issue with a finger on his pitching hand.  No further news about that, but goodness, another pitcher injury would be hard to stomach.
  • Descalso started at shortstop.  Why?  I really don't know.  Peralta came in to pinch-hit later in the game, so I don't think there were health reasons for the move.  Peralta also just had a day off two weeks ago.  He has been playing solid defense this season, and especially in this series.  We are at the end of June and in danger of falling out of contention for first place in the division.  Unless he's dying, Peralta should be starting.  Predictably, Descalso committed two errors in the game.
  • The Cardinals struck out 10 times against Greinke and only managed four hits the entire game.
  • Matheny brought in Lynn to hit in the top of the third, but didn't bring him back out to pitch in the bottom of the inning.  Given the circumstances, I suppose this is not as bad when it happens in the third inning as it is when it happens in the sixth inning.  We have to be sure we don't run through the entire bench halfway through the game.  But on the whole, I hate this move.
  • Tomorrow Shelby Miller faces Clayton Kershaw.

The Good News

  • Matt Carpenter hit a lovely little blast to right field in the fourth inning, for his fourth home run of the year.
  • Nick Greenwood was fantastic again, throwing four scoreless innings.  Unfortunately, according to Langosch, this makes him unavailable until Tuesday.  Read: not available to back up Shelby tomorrow.
  • Joe Kelly Memphis yesterday, allowing two runs on two hits and three walks.  He only threw 41 pitches, but the Cardinals are going to bring him back on three days' rest and attempt to stretch him out.  Read Langosch's report for more information.  This is good news insofar as healthy pitchers are important to have.
  • Game 6, 2013 NLCS, Matt Carpenter vs. Clayton Kershaw.  The Cardinals tagged Kershaw for seven runs and won the game 9-0.  It could happen again!