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Breaking News: Jaime Garcia and Michael Wacha to DL

John Mozeliak called a press conference after the game today to announce that Michael Wacha and Jaime Garcia are both hitting the DL with shoulder injuries.

Dilip Vishwanat

On Jaime: "His shoulder has been re-aggravated and right now we've decided that we are going to put him on the dl and allow that some time to quiet down and just go through standard rehab." "same thing he was dealing with prior." Tried to throw bullpen today "and it did not go well."

On Michael:

"a little shocking to all of us. we learned about it today."

"Did CT and MRI a few days ago, found a "stress-reaction in his...scapula"

Dr's said "best interest to shut down for a little bit and let it quiet." Don't know how long "at this point we're going to give him a couple of weeks and then... re-evaluate."

"He has been dealing with a little shoulder irritation going back to Atlanta."

"Up to this point we always felt it was manageable. This past start he missed we did it just to give him some rest... just to bank some innings."

"He's too young and too valuable to take risk with."

"This is not a very common injury to pitchers... we'll do our research between now and next couple of days to come up with protocol for his rehab."

"He kind of felt tight. 15-20 years ago, you probably wouldn't have known this happened, but technology... revealed."

"stress reaction is more bone than muscle." He said not fracture, but possible pre-curser to it. Results came yesterday, they were "digesting" it.

Q. Yellow flag or red flag? "Certainly a yellow... not surgical... going to require time." "Has been bothering him last couple (starts)."

Q. about Rotation? "tbd. Obviously, we'll leave Martinez in, but we'll need a starter for Wednesday and still want to discuss it with the staff... happened as today has unfolded. Haven't had time to do normal protocol... for meetings."

Q. Kelly skip rehab and go Wednesday? "Won't happen." "Will make rehab start in Memphis Friday... 40-60 pitches" Needs two rehab starts "at a minimum."

"Lyons is an option" Not been discussed or decided.

"Have not made any roster moves yet." "announced tomorrow."

How will this affect July 31st for you? "I don't know if it will. I haven't thought about that."

Michael Wacha was interviewed this afternoon:

"Just tightness I guess. It just takes a little bit long to warm-up... a little discomfort."

How long out? "Not sure. Just rest... build muscles around it."

How long bothering? "four or five starts ago... thought just tired."

Ever dealt with this before? "No."

Level of concern? "High optimism. Rest and get stronger... hope for speedy recovery."

Only bother you when throwing? "Yeah, don't feel it any other time."

The rotation is now: Waino, Lynn, Miller, Martinez, ???

Lyons for a couple of starts until Kelly is ready seems to make the most sense for now.

Mo gave the impression that things could go well for Michael and this could be a small bump in the road. They're going to be conservative with him, of course, but this doesn't sound like anything to jump off a bridge over. Hopefully medical experts will weigh in, but Michael and Mo seem less concerned over this than a rotator cuff. Jaime Garcia's career is possibly in question given how one specific injury has plagued him.

Check in tomorrow morning for thoughts and analysis.