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Rain Delayed: Baseball teams according to my cell phone keyboard

I used the swiping feature on my cell phone keyboard for major league baseball teams and their best players. The feature worked perfectly without any errors

What did I just type?
What did I just type?
Justin K. Aller

Technology is wonderful. I can watch baseball games wherever I want. I can listen to any music I want, watch any movies, and communicate with anyone at any time thanks to advances in cell phones. Unfortunately, due to a mix of human and technological error, I can rarely put together complete sentences on my Android phone using the swiping technology without making big errors. Some people refer to this problem as "damn autocorrect." To illustrate how this can be a problem with an example from my own life, you never want to text your significant other, "Judy got out of the shower." I now take great care whenever I type the word "Just".

To further illustrate this problem, I opened up a document in google drive and began swiping baseball teams and the current player that first came to mind when I thought of that team. Keep in mind that many of these names I have typed in previously and are unusually accurate. Not everyone, though. Here are the results:

Philadelphia Phillies-child Hamels

Speech's braves-Shelton Simmons

Washington nationals-Bryce happier

New York meets-David weight

Miami martins-guacharo Stanton

St Louis cardinal-yadier Millon's

Pittsburgh pirates-Andrew birchen

Chicago cubs-Jeff Samardzija

Mikhail's beers-RYAN brain

Couldn't reds-jittery Vito

San Francisco giants-buster post

Lots Angeles dodgers-cotton Kershaw

San Diego padres-Chase Healey

Clay ruckus-Troy Torino

Arizona diamondbacks-park Goldschmidt

New York takes-having Ellsbury

Hudson red Sox-fusion Pedro's

Baltimore orioles-Chris David

Toronto blue jays-Jose Budweiser's

Taps bay rays-Evan linguists

Chicago White Sox-Cyrus sake

Cleveland Indians-Jain links

Kana city royals-asked Huron

Minnesota twins-Joe nature

Detroit tigers-Miguel Cabrera

Feel free to experiment on your own and share the result. Or just share your most embarrassing autocorrect moment.