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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Ice cream for everyone!

Guys, ice cream!
Guys, ice cream!
Mike Zarrilli

"I want a twist cone.... WITH SPRINKLES," Peter Bourjos says excitedly, running to the car.

"Fine, fine. You can have sprinkles," says a less enthusiastic Mike Matheny, "Does anyone else want ice cream?"

Kevin Siegrist, Carlos Martinez, and Trevor Rosenthal all raise their hands, sheepishly. "May we have ice cream, too?" Rosie asked.

"Sure, I guess. Don't make me regret this, though," replied Matheny.

"Do not let me forget to bring Pat back some frozen yogurt," Bourjos told Siegrist as he slid across the back seat to make room for Martinez, "Too bad we cannot all fit in your Chevette, Coach, so Pat could come with us!"

"I am sure he is fine, Peter," Matheny grumbled.

"Of course, Coach. You always seem to know best. Do you think Shelby wants ice cream, too?"

"Better not. We wouldn't want him getting fat," Matheny answers with a hint of sarcasm.

"Right, right, right. Are we almost there?"

"Just a minute, Peter. Be patient."

A few seconds pass of silence, the only noise coming from Carlos Martinez's headphones, when Bourjos cries out, "Hey guys, look at this scratch I got sliding tonight!" Bourjos points to his elbow, and shoves it up to the front seat in Rosie's face, "I did not notice it until now! I guess I got it when I was running the bases speedy fast... Man, I wish I could play baseball every day. It is so much fun."

"Oh look, we are here, everyone out!" Matheny said hurriedly.

"Race ya!" said Bourjos, running towards the ice cream stand. He won, of course, and got the twist cone he deserved. - Viva el Birdos

What Else is Going On in Baseball...

  • BOOOOOOG. - Hardball Talk
  • Troy Tulowitzki. Just when I think I am over you, that I have moved on, that Jhonny and I are happy now, you gotta hurt me. - MLB
  • Just in case you ever wondered what baseball in 1886 looked like. - Cut4Inside Bay Area
  • This Jonah Keri podcast features Rob Neyer and the state of baseball analysis. - ESPN
  • Cy Young was like, a really good pitcher. 110 years ago yesterday, he threw the first perfect game. - Cut4
  • Just some more minor league antics. Do these guys ever play baseball? - Cut4
  • Ever thought, "You know what would be cool? MRI photos of Tommy John's throwing arm?" Then you are in luck. - Cut4
  • Wil Myers hits an inside the park homerun. Carlos... what are you doing? - Hardball Talk
  • Bud Selig says baseball is more popular than ever. - SBNation
  • If the ball is stuck in the glove, then just throw the glove. - MLB FanCave
  • I am not typing all that. Here is a crazy double play. - Cut4
  • PUIG. - SB Nation
  • Oh... Puig? - Hardball Talk
  • Who else has to deal with "effing that shift"? A few, actually. Fistbump to Big in Japan for this link! - Fangraphs
  • Here is Nyjer Morgan falling on his face (oh, he is back in the MLB, by the way...) - Cut4
  • BABIP isn't just about luck. For some people, it is a way of life. (Thanks flood!) - Beyond the Box Score

What the Cardinals are Up To...
  • Oh look, Jaime Garcia is getting a rehab start! - InstaGram
  • ... And there he goes. Poor Jaime. - Hardball TalkSTL Today
  • The brightside is at least Jason Motte looked good? - Rob Rains
  • Some Star Wars meets Cardinals in honor of May the Fourth from Cardinal70. - Cards Conclave
  • Also relevant:
  • Matt Carpenter is still settling in, but looks to be heating up. - STL Today
  • Come on, Bro. Taking away your BFIB card. - Cut4
  • Let us stand and clap for Joe Sheehan. Thank you. (link courtesy of santiagofish) - Peter Gammons
  • Sometimes is isn't about how hard you throw it, but how much it sinks. - Sports on Earth
  • VEB's own Craig Edwards was on KMOX last night. You can, and should, listen to it here. - CBS Local
  • Awww.... Thanks flood! - Peter Gammons


    The NL Central

    • Dave Duncan discusses how a pitcher prepares and is able to stay focused at Wrigley Field. - 101.1 ESPN
    • Reds' Jay Bruce undergoes knee surgery to repair a torn miniscus and could be out a month. - MLB
    • The Brewers and Pirates find themselves at opposite ends of this list. - Fangraphs
    Milwaukee Brewers 22 11 .667
    St. Louis Cardinals 17 16 .515
    Cincinnati Reds 15 16 .484
    Pittsburgh Pirates 12 20 .375
    Chicago Cubs 11 19 .367

    The Atlanta Braves (17-14)

    • fink previews the Braves for us, and perfects the reverse jinx. - Viva el Birdos
    • Talking Chop also previews the series. - Talking Chop
    • For more in depth Braves news, check out their SBN blog. - Talking Chop

    Weekend Scoreboard:
    Friday, May 2 Cardinals 5 Cubs 6 VEB Recap BCB Recap
    Saturday, May 3 Cardinals 0 Cubs 3 VEB Recap BCB Recap
    Sunday, May 4 Cardinals 5 Cubs 4 VEB Recap BCB Recap
    Monday, May 5 Cardinals 4 Braves 3 VEB Recap TC Recap

    Tonight the Tyler Lyons squares off against Gavin Floyd, who is making a spot start for the bruised Ervin Santana. Game time is at 6:10 CST on Fox Sports Midwest and SPSO (Braves), and KMOX 1120, WCNN 680/WYAY 106.7, and Braves Radio Network.

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