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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

I had to step up my game. It was boring staying the same.

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I do not like you and you do not like me.
You use me without caution or mercy.
Our relationship is one of strain.
And will ultimately cause us pain.



We continue like this for years and years.
Avoiding the outcome everyone fears.
Ignorance is what we feign
Thinking this will not end in vain.



After months and years of your abuse
Your cruel, sadistic, harsh misuse
Snap! I snap. I snap in twain.
Hope and season, down the drain.


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What Else is Going On in Baseball...



What the Cardinals Are Up To...


  • Oscar Taveras can really hit
    Joe Strauss thinks that might be it. -
    STL Today
  • I am worried about Kevin Siegrist and his arm.
    But he says there is no need for alarm. - MLB
  • Michael Wacha is a treasure
    Sorry, what was I saying? I got distracted. - Fangraphs
  • The Cardinals won it all in '64
    Here, here, for winning much more! - ESPN


The NL Central


  • Jeff Samardzija finally wins.
    No one cares, so this doesn't rhyme. 
    But Waino's ERA is now lower
    As Samardzija's starts to climb. -
  • Standings


Milwaukee Brewers 30 22 .577
St. Louis Cardinals 28 23 .549
Pittsburgh Pirates 23 27 .460
Cincinnati Reds 22 27 .449
Chicago Cubs 19 30 .388
The New York Yankees


  • Here is a preview by fink.
    Hopefully it doesn't stink. (it doesn't) -
    Viva el Birdos
  • IHB wrote about Brendan Ryan.
    When she says "heart" she isn't lyin'. - Viva el Birdos
  • Fink talks with Pinstripe Alley.
    It might inspire a rally. - Pinstripe Alley
  • If you want more Yankees news
    You know which site to choose. - Pinstripe Alley


Weekend Scoreboard:
Friday, May 23 Cardinals 3 Reds 5 VEB Recap RR Recap
Saturday, May 24 Cardinals 6 Reds 3 VEB Recap RR Recap
Sunday, May 25 Cardinals 4 Reds 0 VEB Recap RR Recap
Monday, May 26 Yankees 6 Cardinals 4 VEB Recap PA Recap



Lance Lynn takes the mound for the Cards.
Let's leave David Phelps scarred.
He returns home to the 'Lou
So a warm welcome is do
But let's still make his ERA marred.


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