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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Week

I fell asleep in the middle of writing this, then woke up and wrote some more.

You know what the world could use more of? Molina-Rosenthal congratulatory handshakes.
You know what the world could use more of? Molina-Rosenthal congratulatory handshakes.
Dilip Vishwanat

Happy sleep is the best of sleep
especially following a Cardinals' sweep.
Now to make the Red Stockings weep
and take pitcher, Homer Bailey, deep
(although in GABP that seems cheap).
For the Brewers we do want to leap
as their once large lead begins to seep
and reduces into a crumpled heap.
The fruits of our labors we shall reap
with a Central lead we shall then keep.


And Johnny Cueto is such a creep, amirite? - Viva el Birdos

What Else is Going On in Baseball...

  • A depressing yet comprehensive list of all the MLB players to have Tommy John. - Google Docs
  • Ever wonder how Giancarlo Stanton could get any cooler? Here is a picture of him with a tiger. - Instagram
  • Now Matheny can have readily available data in which to make his starting lineup decisions. - MLBfarm
  • Carlos Beltran has a bone spur, but will try to swing the bat on Monday. I would really like to see him playing when the Yankees come to town. Actually, I wouldn't really, but I would. - RotoWorld
  • Stephen Drew finally signs... back with the Red Sox. That whole thing was really odd. - SBNation
  • This is SportsCenter has put out some pretty good commercials over the years, but these are the best. - MLB Fancave
  • In an even stranger twist in EarGate, here are Miguel Olivo's own words about Mike Tyson during Spring Training. - True Blue LA
  • Yu Darvish threw a 55 mph curveball and it is glorious. - MLB Fancave
  • I am obsessed with this new MLBAM stuff, guys. I cannot wait for more of it! - MLBAM
  • Smooth kid. Very smooth. (thanks flood!) - SBNation
  • What if no one played defense? - The Good Phight
  • I freaking love Troy Tulowitzki. Why are you not a Cardinal, TULO? WHY!? - Cut4
  • Oh my Lanta, Yasiel Puig.

What the Cardinals are Up To...

  • Mike O'Neill, everyone! - Cards Conclave
  • Jason Motte is back! - Hardball Talk
  • Trevor Rosenthal needed rest after pitching four days in a row. - MLB
  • It ended up not mattering though, as Adam Wainwright goes the distance in a one-hitter. - MLBSports Illustrated
  • Rob Neyer talks Cardinals on The Kevin Wheeler show on 101.1 ESPN. - 101.1 ESPN
  • Memphis is rolling. They are clearly bored down threre. - MiLB
  • Apparently he didn't shake the sea lions hand... just saying. - SBNation
  • Adam Wainwright is always ultra quality in my book (thanks flood!). - Peter Gammons
  • The MLB Draft is coming up and look who will be repping the !@#$%^& Cardinals. - MLB
  • Be careful, Waino. The Jonah Keri curse is now in play. See: Michael Wacha's elbow (I think he is alright though). (Thanks again to flood!) - Grantland
  • John Mozeliak is as patient and cunning as he is stylish... so probably no Stanton, sorry (another great link sent by flood). - Fox Sports

The NL Central

  • Pirates closer, Jason Grilli could return as early as Saturday. - Hardball Talk
  • And the Pirates DFA Wandy Rodriguez to make room for the returning Russel Martin. - Bucs Dugout
  • Anthony Rizzo should probably avoid swinging at baseballs that hit him. - SBNation
  • Chicago plans on moving forward with the original Wrigely Field renovations. - CBS Sports
  • See, sometimes I think Carlos Gomez has serious issues and then he does stuff like this and I am just like "Awwwww!" (thanks for this link and the previous link, flood!) - ESPN
  • Standings:
    Milwaukee Brewers 28 20 .583
    St. Louis Cardinals 26 21 .553
    Cincinnati Reds 21 24 .467
    Pittsburgh Pirates 20 26 .435
    Chicago Cubs 17 28 .378

The Cincinnati Reds

Viva el Stuff...

  • What's up with Matt Carpenter? Probably nothing. Check out this fanpost about why. - Viva el Birdos
  • stlfan looks at what the Cardinals should do for interleague play. - Viva el Birdos
  • What if we had traded Adam Wainwright? - Viva el Archives
  • It might be good that Waino doesn't face Beltran again. - Viva el Archives

Other Things...

  • NBA Playoffs and NHL Playoffs are still underway! - SBNation NBASBNation NHL
  • The moment you have all been waiting for. Will Farrell vs. Chad Smith. - Funny or Die
  • Sick of #NHL15Oshie? TOO BAD. JUST DO IT, OKAY. - NHL
  • Grant Brisbee reviews Million Dollar Arm. tl;dr version, he said is was a Disney movie. - SBNation
  • I love Arian Foster now. Cats are horrible. (courtesy of hittmeier in the day thread) - Grantland
  • nd you know what? Ronda Rousey might have even been wearing a skirt, too. - YoutubeBleacher Report (sorry)
Weekly Scoreboard (Happy Sweep Edition):
Tuesday, May 50 Diamondbacks 0 Cardinals 5 VEB Recap AZ Recap
Wednesday, May 21 Diamondbacks 2 Cardinals 3 VEB Recap AZ Recap
Thursday, May 22 Diamondbacks 2 Cardinals 4 VEB Recap AZ Recap

Tonight Shelby Miller squares off against Homer Bailey and the Reds as the Cards look to extend their three game winning streak. First pitch is slated for 6:10pm CST and can be seen on Fox Sports Midwest, Fox Sports Ohio, and MLB Network and heard on KMOX 1120 and WLW 700, Reds Radio Network.