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Adam Wainwright pitching to Yadier Molina is must-see T.V.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

To call Adam Wainwright the bright spot of the Cardinals' disappointing season to date would be an overstatement. But there's no denying that Wainwright has been the club's brightest spot. There's a glimmer of Cy Young about him.

Last night's game was one of a handful of sterling 2014 starts from the Redbird ace. It was his most dominating game to date. The Diamondbacks' offensive output against the wagonmaker consisted of two out-making parts divided by Paul Goldschmidt's fourth-inning double:

  1. Groundout
  2. Strikeout looking
  3. Strikeout looking
  4. Flyout
  5. Groundout
  6. Strikeout looking
  7. Groundout
  8. Flyout
  9. Strikeout swinging
  10. Groundout
  11. Infield pop out
-------- Double ---------
  1. Stirkeout swinging
  2. Groundout
  3. Strikeout looking
  4. Infield pop out
  5. Strikeout looking
  6. Strikeout looking
  7. Strikeout swinging (foul tip)
  8. Flyout
  9. Flyout
  10. Flyout
  11. Groundout
  12. Flyout
  13. Line out
  14. Groundout
  15. Groundout
  16. Groundout
Wainwright did not issue a walk. His final line of 9 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 9 SO, 0 BB totaled a Bill James Game Score of 94, which ties for the highest in MLB so far this year.

The collaboration between Wainwright and his battery mate Yadier Molina has become appointment television. Jon Hamm is a handsome man but Wainwright to Molina over 100 times on a Tuesday night is high art. It's past time that Fox Sports Midwest showed the pair's interactions between each pitch in some sort of split screen. They're on another level, a higher plane of out-making enlightenment rarely seen. So sit back and enjoy. Even if the Cardinals disappoint, Wainwright to Molina is a sight to behold.