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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Off days are terrible. Here is some distracting nonsense.

"Aw shucks, Blue," Peter Bourjos says as he walks back to the dugout, "Do not worry about it. I have heard being a homeplate umpire is really hard. I am sure you will get better with more practice!"

"What was that!?" homeplate umpire Sean Barber demanded.

"Oh, sorry Mister, do I need to come closer so you can hear me? I will come to you..." Peter says, walking back towards homeplate.

"STOP RIGHT THERE, PUNK," Barber says to Peter, holding up his hand like a crossing guard.

"Oh… Okay… Sorry, I will just go back to the dugout." Peter then turns toward the dugout and starts walking.

"YOU’RE OUTTA HERE!!!!" Barber yells.

"I am sorry, Coach," Peter says while passing a sprinting Mike Matheny and covering his face with his hands.


Mike Matheny walks into the locker room several minutes later to find Peter still in full uniform, lying face down on the floor in the middle of the room, Capri Sun in hand. Matheny walks over and sits down cross-legged beside him.

"Peter, are you alright?" Matheny asks gingerly.

"Yeah... I am fine. I am just tired is all," Peter responds quietly, not looking up.

"You know, Peter, sometimes there are people in this world that for some reason are not very nice. And sometimes, you just gotta take the high road," Matheny began.

"I know, Coach. I am so sorry -"

"But then there are a few other times," Matheny interrupted, "you gotta stand up for yourself. I uh.... just want to let you know that uh... I am, I'm... proud of you, kid."  Matheny then hesitantly pats Bourjos on the back and walks toward the stairwell to "watch" the rest of the game. - MLB; Transcript from the condensed game by Our Savior Aaron Miles - Viva el BirdosBrooks BaseballLookout Landing

What Else is Going On in Baseball...

  • A few weeks ago, some of us were discussing home field advantage, and especially the Rockies. Here is an article on just that. - Purple Row
  • David Price milks a cow. - Cut4
  • Here is a list of the MLB replays by date. - Baseball Savant
  • Vin Scully thinks this over-throw his amusing, and it is wonderful. - Cut4
  • Anibal Sanchez is activated from the disabled list. - Hardball Talk
  • Here is a list of MLB wiff leaders. The highest Cardinal is Matt Holliday at 42. - Baseball Savant
  • LOL Mets... (thanks flood!) - SBNation

What the Cardinals Are Up To...

  • Does the Lynning exist? - Cards Conclave
  • The hero no one was looking for. (thanks stl ex-pat and flood!) - SBNation
  • Adam Wainwright on his club so far. - 101.1 ESPN
  • Did the Cards do the right thing with Kolten Wong? - Cards Conclave
  • Reliever David Aardsma declines to opt out of his deal. At the time of the article, he boasted a 1.59 ERA. - Hardball Talk
  • Our beloved Cards are getting back on track! - STLToday
  • The blown save yesterday has caused some alarm in whether or not Trevor Rosenthal is being over-used. - Mad em Dashes
  • Randy Choate working on his Maness impression. - Cut4
  • Shelby Miller is one lucky dog, or a wizard. (thanks flood!) - Beyond the Box Score
  • I need a cold compress.
  • OMG.

The NL Central

The Arizona Diamondbacks

  • The D-Backs set a club record with 21 hits. - MLB
  • The homerun made Senator John McCain very happy. - Cut4


  • Tony LaRussa is the newest member of the Diamondback front office. - Sports Illustrated
  • fink will probably hit you up with a preview tomorrow.
  • In the meantime, check out  Arizona's SBN blog! - AZ Snake Pit

Weekend Scoreboard:
Friday, May 16 Braves 2 Cardinals 5 VEB Recap TC GT
Saturday, May 17 Braves 1 Cardinals 4 VEB Recap TC Recap
Sunday, May 18 Braves 6 Cardinals 5 VEB Recap TC Recap

Tomorrow the Cardinals will send ace Adam Wainwright to the mound to square off against old foe Bronson Arroyo of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The game begins at 7:15pm and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest and KMOX 1120 or Fox Sports Arizona, Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, and KSUN La Mejor 1400 for the Arizona folks.

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