What Are They Doing*

  • Daniel Descalso is not doing very well. He is the least productive member of the team. He is not a plus on offense or defense. But, I guess one could say that he is suffering from a crappy BABIP. Still, he is likely a strong candidate to be a negative in fWAR at the end of the year.
  • Next we see Allen Craig and Mark Ellis... it is anyone's guess who will actually be worth more. They are both at -.2 fWAR. At least Ellis can play defense... but he is currently at 34 wRC+, which is truly awful. Craig will probably be the better player here. But that's not saying a whole lot.
  • This team hasn't been a ton of fun to watch this year, but I must admit they haven't been that bad. Sure they have struggled out of the gate. But they at least treaded water even to position themselves later for some potential niceties, such as inflated winning. This deflated winning/losing hasn't been as fun. But they are definitely giving us stuff to talk about.
  • Then there's Matt Holliday, who is sitting at 108 wRC+ while being a negative defender. This will not win you any new fans, #1 Matt. You are being way out-Matted, and may be demoted to #2 Matt or even #3 (which, technically, you are right now). The closest batter to Holliday so far is probably Jon Jay (except Jay has the higher ISO).
  • Matt Carp has a punchless just under average wRC+ this year. But he can play third, sorry Matt H. He's #2.
  • Peter Bourjos in limited playing time is the 4th best position player on the team by fWAR. Let that sink in.
  • #1 Matt is Fatt Adams. Ok, he's not really fat. He's actually more fast than fat. Go figure. He's also a plus defender so far. I guess we could call him Big Cat but that nickname is way overused. Big Matt is what I think is best. He has a 113 wRC+ with very little power so far and a potential monster BABIP issue. Just hit 'em out of the park, Big Matt, like they pay you to do. Also, request that Mike sits you vs lefties, please. I'm at least pretty sure that mathenaging is more malleable than larussaging.
  • YADI... you are the one. The leader of the team. Well above average on both offense and defense... this is the modern Yadi. Just keep doing what you are doing, Mr. Yadier.
  • Jhonny is the best player on the team. He likes to hit home runs.... while playing shortstop. What a novelty! Now how about LF'ers and 1B's do that! Hell, even Peter Bourjos has a higher ISO than most of the team at this point. Anyway, congrats Johnny, I mean, Jhonny, or whatever. You are the Cardinals MVP so far, a plus on defense while hitting dingers. That is a very nice addition, Mozeliak.

*obligatory small sample size caveat, thanks for reading