Community Mock Draft (minorleagueball)

Sup guys,

It's the time of year again when minorleagueball (the prospects site of SB Nation) runs our annual community mock draft. Like last year, I've gotten the awesome task of running the Cardinals and I couldn't be happier. I'd love for everyone to come help out on the Mock Organization Diary (MODs) as we progress through the process. I've found that by participating, I get a much better understanding of the players involved in the draft and gain an appreciation for how hard it is to do what the Cardinals do in real life (that is, take 22nd rounders and make them all-stars). This mock runs four rounds, and I'll be running the show as the GM/Scouting Director.

I'd love for some of you to come by and throw your input into the thread, and help us make our draft the best. Last year, our draft ended up:

1-19: Phil Bickford (real life: 1-10, Blue Jays, unsigned [Cal State Fullerton])
1-28: Alex Gonzalez (real life: 1-23, Rangers, signed)
2-57: Ryan Boldt (real life: 22-653, Red Sox, unsigned [Nebraska])
3-93: Myles Smith (real life: 4-113, Red Sox, signed)
4-125: Stephen Tarpley (real life: 3-98, Orioles, signed)

With that, I think we did a great job and I can't wait for this year.

You can find our first MOD at the link below


Hope to see you there!