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Quarter pole poll results

Last night I asked VEB's readers how they felt about the Cardinals going forward. There were 296 responses: Here's what you all had to say.

no words
no words
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How many games will the Cardinals win in 2014?: The average was 89.66. In the pre-season, VEB projected the Cardinals to finish in the neighborhood of 96 wins, a .592 winning %. If the Cardinals play .592 ball for the remainder of this season, they'd win 92 games, so the hivemind has slightly lowered confidence in the Cardinals relative to before the season began. Given that some of the early season concerns are likely to continue, that seems reasonable.

Everything else can be summed up in pie charts. It's a mixed-bag, and I think the responses are pretty reasonable here overall, though the 19 people who think Waino will end up outside the top-two in the CY can go to hell. It seems like confidence in the individual players I asked about has slipped a little, but nothing too precipitous outside of some real concerns about Shelby and Rosie. I apologize for the wonky formatting. Where's the damn tech intern?

Who will win the division?
The Brewers (25-14) 44 15%
The Cardinals (20-20) 241 81%
The Reds (17-20) 6 2%
The Pirates (16-22) 5 2%
I expect Matt Carpenter to be _____ for the rest of the season
His 2013 MVP-caliber self 20 7%
Not MVP-caliber, but very good 218 74%
what he's been so far in 2014, sorta mediocre. 58 20%
I expect Matt Holliday to be _____ for the rest of the season
His 2013 4.5 WAR self 102 34%
Not 4.5 WAR but very good 149 50%
what he's been so far in 2014, sorta mediocre. 45 15%
I expect Matt Adams' power to
Heat up with the weather, 25+ HR by the end of the year 51 17%
Reach a simmer, 15-24 dingers 200 68%
Remain at room-temperature. Under 15 homers 45 15%
Allen Craig is
going to be his old self soon 142 48%
declining 134 45%
a corpse 20 7%
Adam Wainwright is
going to finally win the cy young (RIP, Jose Fernandez) 193 65%
going to get second in the cy young competition 84 28%
null field 19 6%
Michael Wacha is
already a top fifteen pitcher in the NL 91 31%
exciting, but let's not get carried away 186 63%
going to struggle as the league sees more of him 19 6%
Trevor Rosenthal is going to end the season
Among the NL saves leaders and with a shiny ERA 115 39%
as a mediocre closer or in middle-relief 132 45%
on the DL 49 17%
Who ends the season with the most fWAR?
Jhonny Peralta (1.5) 39 13%
Yadier Molina (1.2) 229 77%
Matt Carpenter (0.4) 7 2%
Matt Holliday (0.1) 21 7%
Shelby Miller will end the season
in the rotation 160 54%
on the DL 57 19%
in the minors 25 8%
in the bullpen 54