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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Our present business is general woe.

I haven't been this depressed about a player from another team getting hurt... well, ever.
I haven't been this depressed about a player from another team getting hurt... well, ever.

Look up, my lord.

Vex not his ghost: O, let him pass! he hates him much
That would upon the rack of this tough world
Stretch him out longer

He is gone, indeed.

The wonder is, he hath endured so long:
He but usurp'd his life.

Bear them from hence. Our present business
Is general woe. - Sparknotes

I am just so DEPRESSED. - Fish StripesFish StripesSports on Earth

What Else is Going On in Baseball...
  • The MLB Draft is nearly here. Time to familiarize yourself with the farm teams. - Minor League Ball
    And the draft system (thanks flood!). - Peter Gammons
  • Speaking of draft, bgh sent me this very interesting article about prospect evaluation. - Sports on Earth
  • A Clayton Kershaw curveball was struck for a homerun. I know, right? - MLB
  • Happy birthday, Yogi! 
  • An umpire touches Torri Hunter's face. Oh no he didn't. - Deadspin
  • Are umpires held accountable? (link courtesy of flood) - SBNation
  • Yu Darvish loses another no hitter and that is awesome. (thanks, flood!) - SBNation
  • Super thanks to flood for sending this to me! I love pitching .gifs! - Gantland
  • Jon Hamm! - Cut4
  • Yasiel Puig: The Movie. - SBNation
  • Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales still haven't signed. - Fox Sports
  • In honor of all the mothers out there, I hope you had a wonderful Mothers' Day this past weekend! Here are some mama links. (thanks to flood again!) - SBNationSBNationCut4
What the Cardinals are Up To...
  • In case you missed it, Joe provided us with an Oscar Taveras update from Chris Hrabe of KMOX and John Mozeliak. - Viva el Birdos
  • The Cards took on the Pirates Sunday and...
  • It is something you never really want to see, but yet, deep in your heart, you totally do. 
  • Who "won" the David Freese - Peter Bourjos trade? (I maintain it isn't fair to compare Bourjos to Freese because the Cardinals didn't replace Freese with Bourjos. They replaced Freese with Matt Carpenter who was replaced by Kolten Wong, and now Kolten Wong isn't on the 25 man roster. Cool, right?!) (Thanks, flood, for the link!) - MLB Daily Dish
  • Jason Motte is a wonderful person. - Fox Sports
  • Would the Cards trade Matt Adams or Allen Craig? (thanks again, flood!) - CBS Sports
  • Embrace the Arch. (shoutout to flood for this link!) - Sports Illustrated
The NL Central

  • Todd Frazier scorches this outta GABP for the longest homer of the year. - Hardball Talk
  • Aroldis Chapman is back and throwing 100 mph. - Hardball TalkMLB
  • Aramis Ramirez is headed to the DL. - MLB
  • Standings
    Milwaukee Brewers 24 14 .632
    St. Louis Cardinals 19 20 .487
    Cincinnati Reds 17 19 .472
    Pittsburgh Pirates 16 21 .432
    Chicago Cubs 13 24 .351

The Chicago Cubs (13-24)

Weekend Scoreboard:
Friday, May 9 Cardinals 4 Pirates 6 VEB Recap BD Recap
Saturday, May 10 Cardinals 3 Pirates 4 VEB Recap BD Recap
Sunday, May 11 Cardinals 6 Pirates 5 VEB Recap BD Recap
Monday, May 12 Cubs Nevermind Cardinals 5 VEB Recap BCB Recap

The Cards look to bounce back tonight with their ace on the mound, Adam Wainwright. Waino has struggled against the Cubs in his previous two outings this year, but do not expect that to continue. I hope. Opposing him will be Jake Arrieta. Gametime is 7:15pm on Fox Sports Midwest, WCIU, KMOX 1120 and WGN 720.

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