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5.10 Recap: Lynn Struggles in Cards' 4-3 Loss

Another #Lynning foils the Cardinals, who couldn't capitalize on an early 3-0 lead.

Justin K. Aller

The Cards have had a tough run of late

Losing games, looking lost at the plate

Despite a three-run second

A win they could not beckon

The team just continues to deflate

Sorry for the somber limerick, you guys.  I'm a bit frustrated with this team right now.  I don't understand the losing.  We have an enormous amount of talent, and we just can't seem to get all the parts working.  It is beyond frustrating.  Oh well, at least I am a half-bottle into a great Oregon Pinot.  It could be worse.  Onto the game!

The Main Event

The Redbirds scored all three runs in the top of the second inning, but it wasn't even based on a real offensive explosion.  Craig hit a single to left field, Adams walked, and Mark Ellis singled in Craig.  Volquez hit Bourjos, Cruz grounded into a double play that scored Adams, and a wild pitch allowed Ellis to score.  It was like the most boring way to score three runs ever.

In the bottom of the third inning, the Pirates hit back-to-back singles, but Lynn managed to get out of the inning by getting Walker to ground out, Alverez to pop out, and Marte to ground out to Marp, who made a fantastic play to save a run.

Lynn wasn't so lucky the next inning.  The Pirates scored four runs in the bottom of the fourth, and that was all they would need.  There was no big blow, but it was just one of those innings that seems to never end.  Ike Davis singled, Tony Sanchez was hit by a pitch, Jordy Mercer singled, Harrison singled, Walker singled, and while the Cardinals got a couple of outs in between, suddenly it was 4-3 Pirates.

The Cardinals had chances to score again in the fifth, the seventh, and the eighth, but couldn't manage to pull it out.  With Matt Carpenter representing the tying run at second base, Craig struck out swinging to end the game.  It was probably a ball.

Additional Notes

1. Matt Adams hit a ball completely out of the ball park in the third inning.  It was foul, but it was glorious.  He freaking KILLED that thing.  The umps reviewed it to be sure it was foul. I was hoping for a miracle.

2. Bourjos had an 0-fer night at the plate, but had a couple of really fantastic plays in the field, including this beauty in the bottom of the eighth.  Craig had a nice diving play in the sixth, too.  Alas, I don't expect Bourjos to start tomorrow night against the RHP Morton.

3. Looking ahead to tomorrow night, Shelby Miller faces Charlie Morton on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball at 7:05 CT.  Despite his 0-4 record (and Shelby's 4-2 record), Morton has been .7 wins better than Miller this season (-0.6 fWAR to 0.1 fWAR).  Pitcher wins, everybody.