2014 Viva el Run: The Runnening

These are the people who've said they are running:

1. hazel

2. fink

3. BGH

4. Frog

5. Lil Scoot

6. scoot

7. Pat

8. creepyholliday

9. hazelwife

These are the people who've currently signed up:

1. hazel

2. fink

3. scoot

4. EvilFrog

Over the last two years we raised a ton of money and this year we are trying to raise a ton of money as well. Here are some things you can do to help out:

  • Lead the second team! The second team generally doesn't raise funds and just runs for themselves and that amazing feeling of being totally awesome. We will need someone to start this team and make sure all the non-fundraisers are on it. You will get to be my Facebook friend as well!
  • Run! Comment below and tell me you want to run and whether you want to raise money (I guess?) and we can put you on a team. Running is good for you no matter what fink's horribly mangled foot says.
  • Give us things! This year we will be raising money with a sort of a silent auction or something. Right now we've got such wonderful auction items as a signed picture of the handsomest manager you've ever seen and other things that fink or someone donated and possibly some signed memorabilia from the greatest Cardinals player ever.
  • Give us money! Like seriously right here give it to me (or other people).
  • Tell other people to give us(or you) money! If you have friends, or a job with a workplace and other people you work with, or are in the habit of accosting people on the street, or a Facebook page, you can get people to give you money! Oh joy.