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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Iambic Pentameter is tricky.

<3 u, Marp
<3 u, Marp
Dilip Vishwanat

Yadier Molina cleared the bases.
Michael Wacha kept hitters off balance.
Trevor Rosenthal made it interesting.
Billy Hamilton, last hope of the Reds.
Peter Bourjos wants it. And he's got it.
The Cards came away with the win Monday.

What Else is Going On in Baseball...

  • Evan Longoria, my dark horse AL MVP choice, ties the Rays homerun record with 163. - MLB
  • <3 Michael Wacha (Thanks to flood and Christine Coleman from Aaron Miles' Fastball for this link!) - Gammons Daily
  • Baseball offers us many lessons. You could call them manly, even. - Art of Manliness
  • The Cleveland Indians totally copied us! (Thanks flood!) - MLB Daily Dish
  • Masahiro Tanaka makes his debut and he was quite good. - Pinstripe Alley
  • The Oakland Coliseum is... not a good stadium. - SBNation
  • The Washington Nationals have no more money (thanks again, flood!). - SBNation
  • I have never, ever seen this before in my life. I always say someone should do it. I have heartedly hope it will happen. I never thought it actually would. Glorious. - CBS Sports
  • Derek Jeter passes Paul Molitor for eighth on the all time hits list. - MLB
  • <3 u, Yadi. He makes it on this list of catchers that can not only frame pitches, but deposit them into the seats. (another great link from flood!) - Beyond the Box Score
  • Forty years ago today, Hank Aaron blasted number 715. - Hardball Talk
  • Should games be shortened to seven innings? The answer is NOOOOOO. - USA Today
What the Cardinals Are Up To...

  • Matt Adams pushed a fan, the fan flipped him off. I think both are appropriate and acceptable responses. It's funny. - Cut4
  • Beyond the Box Score remembered the Cardinals preview! - Beyond the Box Score
  • Here is a video that azta tweeted that perfectly illustrates my handshake with Joe Kelly. I was watching closely Monday to see how he shook the Hall of Famers hands. - YouTube
  • Overlord witnessed the Memphis Redbirds take on the Cubs AAA afiliate in Iowa. See his live tweets of the game here. - Twitter
  • Everyone loves Opening Day. Even Yadier Molina, who started in his tenth straight Monday. - STL Today
  • Despite the rain, the Home Opener went on without a hitch, except for no Clydesdales. - STL Today
  • More on the Home Opener from Cardinal70 - Cards Conclave
  • Thanks... just another reason for people to irrationally hate Cardinals fans. - Hardball Talk
The Cincinnati Reds
  • Fink previews the Reds, of course. - Viva el Birdos
  • Remember the brawl from 2010? d-dee recounted it in pictures. - Viva el Birdos
  • For more info on the Reds, check out their site. Just don't start trouble. - Red Reporter
The NL Central
  • Those shifty Pirates. - STL Today
  • Standings:
    Milwaukee Brewers 4 2 .667
    Pittsburgh Pirates 4 2 .667
    St. Louis Cardinals 4 3 .571
    Chicago Cubs 2 4 .333
    Cincinnati Reds 2 5 .286

Weekend Scoreboard:
Friday, April 4 Cardinals 2 Pirates Never mind that Recap
Saturday, April 5 Cardinals 6 Pirates 1 Recap
Sunday, April 6 Cardinals 1 Pirates 2 Recap
Monday, April 7 Reds 3 Cardinals 5 Recap

Tonight the Cards take on the Reds for game two of the series, that features a rematch between Lance Lynn and Homer Bailey. Coverage will begin at 7:00pm CST and in a twist, will be on Fox Sports 1. You can find the Fox Sports 1 channel finder here at STL Today.