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Viva El Birdos Week in Review: 3/29/14 through 4/5/14

In the season's opening week, the VEB writers previewed the MLB season and more.

Joe Robbins


Saturday, 3/29

  • Joe wrote about the amendments to the MLB and MLBPA joint drug agreement, and used his pharmacy knowledge to detail a new substance on the banned list.
  • Fourstick introduced us to Keith Butler, who the Cards named as their final reliever.
  • I continued our NL Central preview with a look at the Chicago Cubs, which featured a Q&A with Al Yellow from our SBN sister site Bleed Cubbie Blue.

Sunday, 3/30

  • took a gander at the opening day roster matrix.
  • In the final installment of our NL Central preview series, I examined the Pirates, which included a Q&A with Charlie Wilmoth, the site manager of the SBN blog Bucs dugout and author of Dry Land, a book about baseball fandom.
  • The Red Baron previewed every MLB team in two sentences.

Monday, 3/31

  • In the farm report, ebo detailed Rob Kaminsky blanking his teammates.
  • The VEB writers previewed the Cards season with over/under predictions.
  • We also forecasted the MLB division races.
  • Lil' Scooter gave us an opening day Hunt & Peck.
  • Aaron analyzed the Cardinals' season-opening series vs. the Reds.
  • Aaron recapped the Cardinals' opening-day win over Cincy.

Tuesday, 4/1

  • wrote about how the recent history between the Cardinals and Reds (and Yadier Molina and Johnny Cueto in particular) made the season opening win that much more meaningful.
  • Fourstick examined the Pirates' farm system.
  • Aaron broke down the fourth annual VEB predictions contest results with pie graphs.

Wednesday, 4/2

  • RB gave us his tenth MLB draft preview, looking at high-school pitchers Cobi Johnson, Joe Gatto, and Dylan Cease.
  • Joe broke down Adam Wainwright's opening day pitch usage.
  • explained by fan expectations for Michael Wacha might be a bit outsized.

Thursday, 4/3

  • Rui recapped the Cards' loss to the Reds on Wednesday night.
  • Craig advised that avoiding the use of middle relievers would behoove the Cards.
  • Fourstick took a look at the Milwaukee Brewers farm system.
  • Santiagofish broke down the Cardinals' Thursday win over Cincy.

Friday, 4/4

  • Joe explained why Trevor Rosenthal is one of a kind.
  • Aaron previewed the Pirates-Cardinals series.
  • Lil' Scooter gave us her Friday Hunt & Peck.
  • During the rain delay, I wrote about which starter to choose in a life-or-death game.
  • dr. howl recapped the Pirates beating the Cards.