Should Lance Lynn be in the Starting Rotation?

Lance Lynn has proved his worth in the starting rotation these past two seasons while winning a total of 33 wins. But when Lynn starts, I 'm always tear myself apart wondering whether he is going to win or lose. As he has been a solid starter these past seasons there are many cons to Lance Lynn starting.

Lance Lynn is not his best in the second half- He was an all-star in 2012, but in the second half he couldn't pitch a good game. He got booted down to the bullpen and had to battle back just to be a starter again. In 2013, he had an awesome first half, but again fell in the second half and almost lost his job.

Lance Lynn is inconsistent- Lance can start the season off good, but fall the next month. Or he could pitch inning really well, but in the next inning he could give up a three run lead. You can never predict a game with Lynn.

In conclusion, I would say that Matheny should put Lynn on a short leash.