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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Your links, in four words or less.

This is me every finals week.
This is me every finals week.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Like our resident almost-pharmacist, Joe, I too, have finals this week (although mine are probably not near as difficult), which has really cut into my link time. So without further ado, here are your links, in four words or less!

What Else is Going on In Baseball...

What the Cardinals Are Up To...

  • Wong demoted, chaos ensues. - Sports IllustratedMLBViva el Birdos
  • Yesterday's game was frustrating. - Cards Conclave
  • Kelly, Lynn, sunflower seeds. - Tumblr
  • Kevin Spacy's throws... woof. - MLB
  • Clutchiest Clutcher, Allen Craig? (thanks flood!) - Fox Sports
  • Raising them right, Goold.

  • Reminder: Do not forget!

The NL Central

The Milwaukee Brewers

Weekend Scoreboard:
Friday, April 25 Pirates 0 Cardinals 1 Recap
Saturday, April 26 Pirates 6 Cardinals 1 Recap
Sunday, April 27 Pirates 0 Cardinals 7 Recap
Monday, April 28 Brewers 5 Cardinals 3 Recap

Tonight the Lance Lynn and the Cards take on Kyle Lohse and the Brewers at 7:15pm. Check out the game on Fox Sports Midwest and Fox Sports Wisconsin, or KMOX 1120 .

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