Memphis, Tennesee

Help me Cardinal Nation, give me Memphis, Tennesee
Help me find the guy who's s'posed to be our new 2B
He should have been our starter, but he must have done it wong
The team has sent him down because his swing had got too long

Ah, help me Cardinal Nation, please get through to our 2B
He's not the one who should be there in Memphis, Tennesee
He always had the upside, and he actually played the best
Even if it just meant he was less bad than the rest

Help me Cardinal Nation, more than that I cannot say
Only that it makes no sense to not just let him play
But he was sent to triple-A, the team did not agree
At least he'll get to play more games in Memphis, Tennessee

Last time I saw our Kolten he was just one game removed
From a couple hits and one run scored, for all that seemed to prove
But Kolten's not yet twenty four, so Cardinal Nation please
Let him not spend too much time in Memphis, Tennesee