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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

I just... can't.

As much as I love the high socks, lil' Carp needs to take those and BURN THEM.
As much as I love the high socks, lil' Carp needs to take those and BURN THEM.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Since there are a lot of links, I shall keep it simple, by presenting a link that needs no further introduction. - Deadspin

    I cannot wait to see this:

What Else is Going On in Baseball...

  • This is a link I was told would help MLB TV watchers if it seems to be acting up. Just click the link and watch through it. - MLB
  • Delino DeShields, Jr. takes a pitch to the face and the results are not pretty. (WARNING: This image is of a really swollen face. Not extremely graphic, but I just want everyone to know what they are getting in to.) - Hardball Talk
  • Here we are treated to another Frozen duet, this time from some Navy baseball players. - Cut4
  • Albert Pujols gets to 498 with this blast. - MLB
    He is so close. What else can we expect from AP? - Hardball Talk
  • Manny Machado will start some in-game action with an extended Spring Training game to rehab his left knee coming off the horrific injury last season. - Hardball Talk
  • Added to list of things I never thought I would read: Bryce Harper gets benched for lack of hustle. Thanks, Matt Williams! - SBNation
  • Speaking of Harper, if you had to chose who would have the better career, Harper or Anthony Rendon, who would you pick? Not this guy. - Washington Post; Hardball Talk
  • Evan Longoria is now the Rays franchise leader in homeruns with 164. - Hardball Talk
  • Here is a map of where American born baseball players were born. My county has one, and he played for the Cardinals and was a local hero. - MLBFarm
  • Jim "Hot Dog" Thome will bring me amusement for years to come. - Hardball Talk
  • The latest news on the Cuban trafficking has been quite appalling and sad. - Yahoo Sports
  • I have complained about the strike zones a lot so far, mostly because Matt Carpenter seems to have the largest zone in the entire league for some reason, but according to this, they are getting more consistent. (thanks flood!) - Fangraphs
  • The new era, isn't necessarily beginning, the old one is just improving. - Hardball Times
What the Cardinals are Up To...

  • Adam Wainwright was dominant Thursday night against the Washington Nationals. Former pitching coach, Dave Duncan reflects on his experience with the Cardinal Ace. - 101 Sports
  • Somedays just aren't your day. And for the Cards, that day is Friday. - Aaron Miles' Fastball
  • There is a new Memphis Mafia starting and these outfielders are looking for their shot at the bigs. - STL Today
  • C70 talks baseball with Dathan Brooks of Cards Conclave in this podcast. - Cardinals70 Podomatic
  • Watching Yadier Molina catch is like what I imagine it was like watching some famous painter paint... Oh, like watching Bob Ross on The Joy of Painting! But seriously, some very high praise for Yadi and if you read one link from this post, this one that Ben sent me should be it. - The New York Times

    The NL Central
  • Martin Maldonado can join the exclusive club of Benny Roderiguez and Roy Hobbs having hit the cover off a ball. - Drawn To MLB; MLB
  • The Reds have activated relief pitcher Sean Marshall from the DL. - Hardball Talk
  • Starling Castro may be getting too old to still be going through growing pains. - Sports on Earth
  • You know what they say about clutch... but for now, Aramis Ramirez is leading the charge for the Brewers. - Sports on Earth
  • Standings:
    Milwaukee Brewers 15 5 .750
    St. Louis Cardinals 11 9 .550
    Pittsburgh Pirates 9 11 .450
    Cincinnati Reds 8 11 .421
    Chicago Cubs 6 12 .333
  • The New York Mets

    • fink does his normal preview thing, this time featuring an interview with Amazin' Avenue. - Viva el Birdos
    • For more Mets info, and to read fink's answers to his interview, check out their SB Nation blog! - Amazin' Avenue
    Weekend Scoreboard:
    Friday, April 18 Cardinals 1 Nationals 3 Recap
    Saturday, April 19 Cardinals 4 Nationals 3 Recap
    Sunday, April 20 Cardinals 2 Nationals 3


    Monday, April 21 Cardinals 0 Mets 2 Recap

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