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4.17 Recap: Wainwright goes distance, Cardinals depants Nationals 8-0

The Cardinals have won 7 straight against the Washington Nationals. Can they make it eight tonight or will Natitude prevail?

Now you go, Michael.
Now you go, Michael.
Mitchell Layton
How's it look?

Mike Matheny has elected to start Jon Jay in centerfield again. This is the third time in four games. It is unclear if more of a platoon is forming, or just simply playing the hot hand, but we will have to keep an eye on this to see how it develops.


On the Nationals side, Bryce Harper is battling some hamstring tightness, meanwhile Ryan Zimmerman will be out four to six weeks with a broken hand or something, which means two of the team's top hitters are out/weakened.

The Cardinals get off to a fast start, plating three runs on three hits in the top of the first. The Nationals did themselves no favors as an error by shortstop Ian Desmond allowed Matt Carpenter to get on base and come around to score first and water would continue to be, in fact, wet. Taylor Jordan has made a few batters look pretty silly on that slider or changeup or whatever he is throwing, but the Cardinals are making contact, which I think will lead to more runs. Hopefully, the three will be all starter Adam Wainwright needs.

In the bottom of the first, Bryce Harper tried to bunt for a hit for some weird reason after a quick flyout from Anthony Rendon. This is interesting in light of his reported hamstring tightness, and probably not the best idea considering he is Bryce Harper and Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina are a battery of defending Gold Glovers. Waino just struck out Jayson Werth, but thanks to MLB Network I instead got to watch Bryce Harper put on a hat, so I am assuming the Wagonmaker is looking sharp. I will look at the bottom of the second to confirm...

Waino got into some trouble last inning, but was able to "Joe Kelly" his way out of it. I don't think he will be brilliant, but I think he gets the W today.

The Cardinals look to extend their 7 game win streak against the Nationals. So far, so good.


Eight innings and eight runs and 14 hits later, the Cards would get the victory, 8-0, as Waino goes the distance with the shutout.

The game moves along until controversy ensues in the top of the fourth when the transfer rule rears its ugly head. After reaching on another Ian Desmond error, the hard slide into second by Jon Jay causes second baseman, Danny Espinosa to lose the handle while transferring the ball from his glove to his throwing hand. The manager, Matt Williams, would argue, but according to the rules, it was the correct call. The Cards would go on to load the bases, but a force out at home off the bat of Kolten Wong and a Matt Holliday groundout would limit the damage with the only one run scored.

I noticed in the bottom of the fourth that Wainwright's curveball looked really good. After I noticed that, he spiked a pitch into the ground in hilarious fashion, after throwing three straight curves in the at bat to Ian Desmond. He finishes him off with a cutter for the swinging strikeout. He would then go on to strike out the next batter, Danny Epsinosa, as well.

A complete explosion would ensue in the top of the sixth when the Cardinals scored three runs. Jon Jay would come up to the plate after a Jhonny Peralta strikeout, and get hit by a pitch in the butt. Waino would get on via infield single, and Matt Carpenter did the usual to load the bases. Matt Holliday then doubled, Matt Adams then singled, and the Cards would plate three runs to extend the lead to seven. The Cards tack on another in the seventh to make the score eight to zero.

More overall debauchery would continue, the Nats would be hilarious, and the Cards would win in convincing fashion, with the highest leverage inning for Adam coming in the second inning after a walk, and infield hit, and an intentional walk.

Source: FanGraphs

Random Factoid:

2 days and 10 years ago, Matt Holliday made his major league debut against the Cardinals and catcher, Mike Matheny.


Adam Wainwright gets this honored distinction, with .210 WPA, 8 strikeouts and 0 runs with 3 walks and 2 hits, and going 2-3 at the plate with a walk and an RBI.


Michael Wacha takes on Gio Gonzalez tomorrow night at 6:05pm. If you remember correctly, the last time he faced the Nats, he did quite well.

Now, the Blues are in overtime, so I am out.