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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Bob Davidson just got put on my list.

Mike McGinnis

Dear Robert Davidson,

Last night, you hurt me. You hurt the Cardinals. You hurt Matt Carpenter.
And that, sir, just doesn't fly.
Anyone else, and I may have forgotten about you, but not Marp. Matt Carpenter is a beautiful man. He hits doubles with the might of an Aztec Warrior. He takes more walks than a Poodle in Forest Park. He casts away batting gloves as unnecessary frivolities. He is a man. He is a baseball player.
And you threw him out like a piece of garbage!
You tossed him out like last week's meatloaf.
You ruined EVERYTHING.
And I will never forgive you. Ever. In my life.

Sincerely - just kidding, not sincerely 'cause I am still mad at you - ,

Lil' Scooter (no relation to Scooter Gennett) - BrooksBaseball



This is bad and you should feel bad because "You're terrible".

What Else is Going On in Baseball...

  • Speaking of which, John Farrell argued a reviewed call, which results in an automatic ejection. - Over the Monster
  • Does this mean there is a flaw with the new replay system? - Fox Sports
  • And could this be a new potential problem? It sort of reminds me of the NFL's "complete the catch" rule, except dumber and more nonsensical. - Fangraphs
  • The beloved Larry Walker has a perfect game, just not the type you might have first thought of. - Cut4
  • Adorable Alert! Joe Mauer and twin baby girls! Cannot. Handle. Cuteness. - Cut4
  • The Red Sox apparently were peeved after facing Jhonny Peralta in the ALCS last year. Guess who is one of the most quoted? Uhg. - Fox Sports
  • Albert Pujols's has had a historic career... and decline (some say). - Fox Sports
  • Looks like he's still got it here. Number four-nine-six. (My heart cries a little bit when I see the banner with the numbers on it.) - MLB
  • Pitchers hitting homeruns brings joy to my cold, cold heart. - MLB
  • Scott Boras is complainin' 'bout stuff. - SBNation
  • April 15 is Jackie Robinson Day, and wonderful and extremely confusing day due to the players all wearing the same number with no name on the back. - MLB
  • Poor Jeff Francour. This is so mean, but so hilarious. Basically, his whole team developed this elaborate "web of deceit" and convinced him that teammate Jorge Reyes was deaf. I laughed until I cried. Sorry Frenchie. (Special Ryan Jackson appearence, folks!) - MLB Fancave
What the Cardinals Are Up To...

  • A very special first pitch at Busch Stadium. - MLB
  • 2 Mo years! General Manager John Mozielak recieves a two-year extension to his current contract, keeping him a Cardinal for as late as 2018. flood and I agree it is a kind of strange angle on him. Sort of like damning with faint praise. - SBNation
  • In case you have been away for the past week or so, here is a sort of alarming article about Shelby Miller looking broken. - Fangraphs
  • Check out Carson Kelly in this Prospect Watch. - Fangraphs
  • I don't know how Mike Matheny has time to write in his blog, but I think it is cool. Here is his post about keeping quiet and learning from veteran players (ala Matt Carpenter and Lance Berkman). - Mike Matheny
  • On Monday, Joe wondered What's the deal with Trevor Rosenthal's fastball? Christine Coleman is also asks if we should be concerned. - Aaron Miles' Fastball



  • The Brewers have been off to a hot start. Let's hope the Cards can cool them down. - MLB; Fox Sports
  • Fink does a Q & A with Noah Jarosh (which is one of my favorite names ever for some reason...) of BrewCrewBall to preview the upcoming series. - Viva el Birdos
  • And Fink returned the love by doing an interview over a BCB (which is really good, by the way). - BrewCrewBall
  • For more things Brewers related, check out their SBNation site. - BrewCrewBall
Weekend Scoreboard:
Friday, April 11 Cubs 6 Cardinals 3 Recap
Saturday, April 12 Cubs 4 Cardinals 10 Recap
Sunday, April 13 Cubs 4 Cardinals 6 Recap
Monday, April 14 Cardinals 4 Brewers 0 Recap

Tonight the Cards take on the Brew Crew at 7:10pm in Milwaukee. Coverage is available on Fox Sports Midwest and Fox Sports Wisconsin. You can hear it on the radio on KMOX 1120 and WTMJ 620. Fink will have your gamethread up 15 minutes prior to first pitch.

Big thanks to flood who sent me almost all the links this week. I barely had to do anything! If you would like to send me links, please do so by tweeting me @lil_scooter93 or e-mailing me at