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Cardinals-Cubs series mini-contest results

Who won the prizes?

Dilip Vishwanat

First, thanks again to A&E for providing us with 5 copies of the GAME SIX blu-ray/DVD to hand out as prizes.

We had 118 entries.

Let's take a quick look at the results:

Actual VEB Average # who got it correct
Cardinals Runs 19 14.2 5
Cubs Runs 14 8.0 0
Combined Hits 58 42.2 2
Combined Homers 4 4.7 33
Cardinal Wins 2 2.4 69

Our winners:

Guayzimi and Paul Foeller both got combined hits correct, which seems prize-worthy. There are two prizes.

Kcl1978 guessed 13 for Cubs runs, just off by one. There's a prize.

I selected the last two from among those who got Cardinals Runs on the nose.

Of those, three participants got at least one other question exactly correct: Spants, Carpismymancrush, and MattJones05

Spants' was overall the best of that trio: Just two off on Cub Runs and one off on dingers while getting Cards wins correct. There's a prize.

I flipped a coin on for the Carpismymancrush vs. MattJones05 tie-break, giving the former heads for alphabetical reasons.



CIMMC takes the final prize.

Thanks for playing. I'll be in contact with the five winners shortly. If you don't hear from me, e-mail me!