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Viva El Birdos Week in Review: 3/1/14-3/8/14

Alligator jaws.
Alligator jaws.
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Fanpost of Note

Saturday, 3/1

Sunday, 3/2

  • In a Writers Roundtable, Joe, Craig, and I discussed what we disagreed with in the prior week's Cardinals top prospect lists on VEB.
  • I introduced the Jupiter Opportunity Tracker, a recurring series in which we see which players the Cardinals are giving the most plate appearances and innings pitched to this spring training.

Monday, 3/3

  • Rui unveiled the 2014 VEB Projections for Oscar Taveras.
  • In a Knowledge Nest post, Joe explained cortisone shots.
  • I broke down the Cardinals' spring training roster matrix.
  • Heather delivered her Monday Hunt & Peck collection of links.

Tuesday, 3/4

  • Rui gave us Jhonny Peralta's VEB Community Projections.
  • Fourstick looked at the St. Louis Cardinals, hitting ninjas.
  • Craig urged patience with Kolten Wong.
  • I questioned why Daniel Descalso is seemingly not in a springtime competition for a bench spot.

Wednesday, 3/5

  • I wrote up this season's Fabergé egg hatchlings that are hoping to join the big Cardinals in 2014.
  • Rui examined the 2014 VEB Community Projections for Adam Wainwright.
  • RB delivered his up-the-middle draft preview in rhyme.
  • Fink gave us a Cardinals vs. Mets preview and game thread.

Thursday, 3/7

  • Rui led the day off with his post on the 2014 VEB Projections for Lance Lynn.
  • Fourstick, Joe, and Craig had a Writers Roundtable discussion on the Cardinals should choose to round out their bench.
  • Craig looked at how cost efficient the Cardinals' 2014 rotation will be.
  • I wrote about Rick Ankiel and the fleeting promise of prospects.
  • Craig addressed the rumors that the Cards and Matt Carpenter were nearing a contract extension.

Friday, 3/8

  • Rui broke down the 2014 VEB Projections for Shelby Miller.
  • I looked at how Matt Carpenter's potential extension should be valued due to the costs of cost-controlled wins.
  • Lil' Scooter delivered her end-of-the-week Hunt & Peck.
  • Fink analyzed the Cardinals-Metropolitans split squad matchup in the exhibition's game thread.