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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend


Awww yeah.
Awww yeah.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It is March, and "Snowpocalypse" (wow, what a let-down) is upon us. Meanwhile, the Cardinals have played three Spring Training games in the beautiful Jupiter, Florida. I saw people sitting in grass in t-shirts. Jerks.

While I put on my coat and boots and trudge outside, the Cardinals are wearing their thin, batting practice jerseys instead of the regular whites. At first I thought this was to keep cool and maybe that they were easier to wash, but Mr. Matheny has a specific reason for the change. I kind of like it. - STLToday

Other Things Going on in Baseball...

  • Some big news for baseball analytics. I really cannot explain all of the coolness in a few sentences, so just read the links. Seriously. Read them. - MLB; Fangraphs
  • Saturday marked the 100th anniversary of Harry Caray's birth. You know what that means? Impressions! And some of his most famous calls (although this one might be one of my favorites). - Cut4
  • This caused me to laugh more than I really should, I am afraid. It is just... he is in the kitchen. Like, why would that be there? I just... I can't... - Cut4
  • Earlier this week Craig wrote about the how the Cardinals are Behind the Times on Defensive Shifts. Here is a look at shifting across the league and what players it would be the most useful for (and make sure I didn't miss any 'f's in "shifting"... I think I am good). - The Hardball Times
  • John Axford is a film genius. - Deadspin

What the Cardinals are Up to...

  • On the injury front Jaime Garcia plans to begin throwing again in 10-15 days, while Oscar Taveras is still not quite game ready and is, according to Matheny, "About 80%." - MLB
  • Rick Carpenter, father and high school coach of Matt Carpenter, has won his 700th game in his 32 year coaching career. Congrats Rick and thank you and Mrs. Carpenter for your stud of a son! - WFAA
  • Sick of hearing about the Cardinal Way? Too bad! But seriously, there is something to be said about the tradition of passing knowledge down from generation to generation of Cardinals. - STLToday
  • Kolten Wong is still hitless in Spring Training (at least to my knowledge at this time). Should we be worried? Answer: Probably not. - STLToday
  • David Freese still loves us! *sniffles (When will it stop hurting so much?) - LA Times
  • Remember John Gast? What ever happened to that guy? - By Gosh
  • "I mean, I love this guy," Molina said. "Thank God we signed him." Need more hints on the identity of this Cardinal? Well, that would be nho fun. - STLToday
  • Okay, who wrote this? Here is a community post comparing and contrasting Joe Kelly and Carlos Martinez. - Fangraphs
  • Randal Grichuk is not Mike Trout. Glad we have that settled. - STLToday
    But he is making an impression. - Twitter
  • While I was looking for the Stan Musial, Harry Caray video above, I stumbled upon this Musial 3,000th hit video and article that I think is worth sharing... so here. - MLB (Video); STLToday (Article)
  • Our old friend Kyle McClellan is running a half marathon. Donations are tax deductible and go to IDADEE Children's Home. Up to $50,000 in proceeds will be matched by Kyle and his wife. Adam Wainwright's charity, Waino's World is also in partnership with McClellan. - Brace for Impact

  • The Cubs lost 15-3 to the Angles on Friday. Mike Trout hit a grand slam. Whatever. - Cut4
  • That damn mascot and his creepy, little mustache... - Cut4
    Friday, February 28 Marlins 5 Cardinals 4
    Saturday, March 1 Marlins 5 Cardinals 4
    Sunday, March 2 Mets 1 Cardinals 7

    Joe Kelly is on the hill today... or, uh, at least he was an hour ago, at 12:05pm... for the Cardinals taking on the Tigers. I think Shelby Miller pitches Wednesday against the Red Sox and Adam Wainwright will go Thursday against the Twins. You can find the full Spring Training schedule here. Coverage for Wednesday is available on Fox Sports Midwest and KMOX 1120. The full broadcasting schedule can be found here.

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