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*The Fourth Annual VEB Predictions Contest (with prizes!)

It's that time of year again! Put on your prognostication cap and make your picks.

The Man
The Man

Hi folks,

I am super enthused about the contest this year. The prizes are literally the greatest prizes in the history of this contest. On top of that, we'll be using Google forms, which not only will make my life much better when it's time to score these things, but also will allow for some quick VEB hivemind analysis, which I'll share next week along with our answers.



As in years past, the winner will get his or her choice of two great prizes while the second place winner will get what remains. Whoever scores worst will win a terrible, terrible surprise. Past worst "winners" include a Ricky/Al baseball card set and an autographed Ty Wigginton card.

The first option is a gorgeous architectural print of Busch Stadium. The good people over at Ballpark Blueprints were kind enough to donate a blueprint for us to use in the contest. The art, design and printing are all custom, and the results are beautiful. I'm pretty picky about what goes up on my walls, but I'd happily display this:


The second option for the winners is a pair of baseball cards.


Those are a 1963 Stan Musial and a 1975 Bob Gibson resting gently on some sweet, sweet wood grain. Each card is from the last year of each player's career, so the history on the backs is nearly complete.

The contest will remain open until Adam Wainwright throws his first pitch of the day on March 31.

If you do not put your VEB username in the first field, your contest won't count.

Good luck!