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Daily Farm Report: 3/19

Recap of Wednesday's spring training performances in the minors.

The minor league squads faced their counterparts for the Florida Miami Marlins yesterday, but first I have some prospect-related links to peruse.

Beyond the Box Score has an overview of the Cardinals prospect rankings, aggregating the ranks from reputed sources, including the Future Redbirds list.

Also, there's an article at Five Thirty Eight, the new site run by stats guru and creator of PECOTA Nate Silver, that looks at the next seven year's of WAR production for players appearing on past listings of Baseball America's Top 100. It's interesting to look at, but in my opinion a bit flawed, since young players can appear on the list even while being several years away from the majors and can't accumulate any WAR. It's hard to say exactly how that affects the graph, since young prospects on the list that play well would be likely to appear higher on the list the following year, but the short article is far from a perfect look at the value of prospects on BA's Top 100. Still, it's worth a look, and I'm personally excited about the website as a whole.

A final note before the report: There are no minor league games tomorrow for the Cardinals.

Memphis loses to New Orleans, 5-2

Angel Castro - 2 IP, 7 H, 5 ER, BB, K

Zach Petrick - Three shutout innings, striking out 3, against 1 walk, and 5 hits

James Ramsey - 1 for 4, with a run scored as the DH

Springfield loses to Jacksonville, 7-3

Joe Cuda - 2 ER on 5 H over 3 IP, retiring just one batter by strikeout

Anthony Garcia - 1 for 4, R, RBI

Palm Beach defeats Jupiter, 4-2

Mike Mayers - Four scoreless innings, 4 H and 3 BB against 5 K

Sam Tuivailala - Tuivailala continues to impress, striking out the side against one walk

Robert Stock - Stock allowed 2 ER on 4 hits in just one inning

Jordan Walton (LF) - 1 for 3, with a 3B and a BB, scoring twice

Mason Katz (2B) - Katz added a HR to a triple of his own, going 3 for 4, with a R and RBI

Peoria loses to Greensboro, 5-2

Silfredo Garcia - Pitched three scoreless innings while collecting 4 Ks against a single BB

Will Anderson - 2 Ks in 2 innings, but 4 ER on 5 H

Mike Aldrete - One empty scoreless inning -- No BBs, Ks, or hits

Malik Collymore - Collymore played at 2B again, where he was 2 for 3, with a walk and strikeout, scoring once.