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VEBDAY 2014: Details and Sign-up

Hello! Let's get together and watch some baseball!

One Heaven
One Heaven
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Opening Day is under two weeks away, and it's time to get things organized for VEBday. As discussed in this fanpost, we'll be going to the 3:00 game on Saturday April 26 against the Pirates.

Definite plans: Sit together and watch the Cardinals play baseball at 3:00.


Very likely plans pending our interest: Check out the facilities at Ballpark Village prior to the game. There are rumors afloat of a tour. And of a happy hour with "more taps than you can imagine."


Yet to be planned plans: Maybe something after the game. Wander down to 4Hands or Soulard or some lovable VEBers house? I don't know! Let's plan that!


Plans that will not be planned until the last moment: In previous years, a number of us have self-organized on Saturday to get brunch and go see the Sunday game as well. That might happen again, but we won't know until we talk on Saturday! Can you handle the suspense?!


But right now I want to get tickets. This is a spring weekend day game against a division rival, so I don't want to be late on this. There are lots of options right now in the $30 range, so plan on that.

If you want in, please tell me below or via e-mail (address in my profile) how many tickets you'd like and if you'd also like to be involved in a Ballpark Village shindig prior to the game.

on Monday March 24 I will buy tickets for anyone who has told me they are coming. I will e-mail them to you as soon as you paypal me for the tickets, or you can pay me in person if you prefer.

I hope to see you there!