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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

What do an angsty, mid-2000s, teen, television series and Chris Carpenter have in common?

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You are skeptical, Chris, I know...
You are skeptical, Chris, I know...

I have just arrived home after seeing the conclusion to the Veronica Mars series that was nearly seven years in the making. I am completely unsurprised at the ending, but I am satisfied and happy.

We all knew a series like that couldn't end the way it did - couldn't stay dead. Now we can all relax, at peace, knowing that we finally received the one thing the series alone wasn't able to give us: Closure. - STL Today

Other Things Going On in Baseball...

  • Manny Machado is having a tough recovery after his ghastly injury near the end of last season. He still hasn't been able to run and obviously isn't cleared to play. - MLB
  • This is the tale of two home-runs.
    One was completely crushed by Mike Trout. - MLB
    And this one from Adam Eaton is impressive in a different way. - MLB
  • Oh my goodness, baseball starts March 22 and I had no idea Grant Balfour was Australian. - Sports on Earth
  • Here is an adorable video to get you through the day, but really that girl should probably not be standing there. I mean, they put up a little chain for a reason, young lady. What if your hero, Derek Jeter, had hit a foul ball right in your face? You are lucky, Kiddo. - Cut4
  • This video hurts me in so many ways. Just when I think I am over it, you know? I try to remember we have moved on to Matt Carpenter and Kolten Wong and they are just better for us, but I cannot forget the good times we shared. If you watch the other David Freese highlights, they have all been two-out, RBI hits. - MLB
What the Cardinals Are Up To...

  • Although we shouldn't expect him in the bullpen until May, Jason Motte is progessing and throwing to live hitters. - Hardball Talk
  • In the spirit of March Madness, Cardinal70 at Cards Conclave has come up with a "Favorite Living Cardinal" bracket. It looks pretty fun to me and the more participation, the better! - Cards Conclave
  • Ballpark Village Commissioner and fellow VEBer, AKA our man on the inside, is on Twitter. Follow him @BPVCommish for all BPV details and pictures, trivia, and Cardinals facts. - Twitter
  • A few weeks ago I posted a link about former Cardinal pitcher Kyle McClellan running a half marathon in order to raise money the IDADEE Orphanage. This link explains why he chose to do this work and teaming up with Adam Wainwright. - MLB
    Here is the link to donate to his charity. - Brace For Impact
  • I am currently in the middle of reading Purpose, Perseverance, and Power Arms: The 2013 St. Louis Cardinals and I am pretty impressed so far. It has been fun reliving the season in the written form. - Amazon
  • Aledmys Diaz makes his Cardinal debut going 2 - 4 with two singles and walk. Oscar Taveras also gets a start. - STL Today
  • The Redbirds have made more updates to the Spring Training roster. bgh is on top of it. - Viva el Birdos
  • One has been healthy, one hasn't. One is a decent prospect, one is highly touted. Who will (or should) prevail in the war between Stephen Piscotty and OT? - Mad em Dashes
  • I am pretty sure it was Jon Jay's birthday on March 15. I don't really have link for this, but I just thought everyone should know. - Baseball Reference
  • Congratulations are due to ROOGY Pat Neshek and his family as they have welcomed a new addition to the family.

  • This dog, guys. And they said there was no such thing as a happy ending? - Cut4
  • The Cubs are almost like the little brother that tries to copy everything you do. I say that condescendingly, but if they do end up better than the Cards, I will be super annoyed. (WARNING: This link has two super annoying, auto-playing, videos that almost got me in trouble.) - CSN Chicago

Weekend Scoreboard:
Friday, March 14 Cardinals 6 Astros 4
Saturday, March 15 Cardinals 6. Braves 2
Sunday, March 16 Mets 10 Cardinals 4

Today the Cardinals are taking on the Red Sox at 12:05pm. Expected to square off on the mound are Shelby Miller and John Lackey. Today's game will be available on ESPN. You can find a complete Spring Training schedule here and a broadcasting schedule here.

14 days until Opening Day, yo!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!