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Viva El Birdos Week in Review: 3/8/14-3/14/14

It was a busy week in Cardinaldom what with St. Louis announcing two signings: Matt Carpenter to an extension and Aledmys Diaz to a contract. We broke them down in depth, concluded the VEB Community projections, and more...

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Fanpost(s) of Note

Saturday, 3/8

  • The St. Louis Cardinals officially announced their extension with Matt Carpenter Saturday morning. I broke the deal down here and here.
  • Fink dissected what to look for during the Cards-Nats game.

Sunday, 3/9

  • I opined that one OOGY reliever is enough for the Cardinals (even though the club seems to disagree with me).
  • Joe wrote about how the Carpenter extension brings stability to third base.
  • Joe: The Cardinals signed Aledmys Diaz.

Monday, 3/10

  • Craig took a look at the roster crunch the Carpenter extension and Diaz signing create.
  • Fourstick gave us a retrospective on Carpenter's climb through the Cardinals farm system.
  • Lil' Scooter delivered a special Carpenter edition of Hunt & Peck links.
  • Fink analyzed the Cards-Tigers matchup in the 3/10 game thread.

Tuesday, 3/11

  • I broke down how Diaz doesn't fit into the typical categories we typically place players, which makes analyzing his signing a bit tricky.
  • Fourstick looked at where Diaz might start his professional career in the Cardinals organization.
  • Joe explained why he thinks spring training is awesome.
  • In the game thread post, Fink set the table for the Mets-Cards game.

Wednesday, 3/12

  • Craig examined Yadier Molina defense.
  • I looked at which Cardinals were getting IP and PAs in the spring training opportunity tracker.
  • Rui unveiled the 2014 VEB projections for Michael Wacha.

Thursday, 3/13

  • Rui led things off with the 2014 VEB projections for Joe Kelly
  • Craig analyzed Jhonny Peralta defense and how changing teams might affect it.
  • I explored when Diaz will become a free agent and why.
  • Fink set the scene for the Cards-Braves game.
  • I updated the Cardinals spring training roster matrix with the news that the club sent three players (including Oscar Taveras) to minor-league camp.

Friday, 3/14

  • Joe started things off with a look back at the Jake Westbrook-Ryan Ludwick trade.
  • I expressed my hope that Taveras has matured as much mentally as physically since I saw him almost three years ago in Low-A ball.
  • Rui delivered the final (and saddest) 2014 VEB projections: Jaime Garcia.
  • Lil' Scooter provided us her personally curated Hunt & Peck links.
  • Fink told us everything we needed to know about the Cardinals-Astros matchup in his game thread post.