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Cards-Mets Spring Gamethread 3/11

Adam Wainwright gets some work in today against Jon Niese and a bunch of Mets backups.

Spring Training Fever! Catch It!
Spring Training Fever! Catch It!
Hunter Martin

Wainwright is recovered from a bout with strep throat, according to Hummel (link), and makes his second start of the spring. Trevor Rosenthal is in the pen today, and Wong is in the lineup against the lefty, Jon Niese, while Adams and Marp get some rest. Daniel Descalso continues to see occasional time at 3rd. This is his third start there in the past week.

With a number of regulars sitting, today's Mets lineup has a combine 4.7 career fWAR, the majority of which comes from Juan Lagares being absolutely stellar at defense last year.

And yet, Juan Lagares is locked in a battle with Eric Young, Jr. for a starting gig because Terry Collins thinks Eric Young is a good leadoff hitter. Young is a marginally better hitter than Lagares and can steal some bases, but they're not in the same league defensively. Chris Young, signed this offseason for 1 year and $7 million, would likely start at center with Eric Young in left if Lagares doesn't win the job.

Here is a fangraphs read on the OF situation in New York, and here are the previews for Lagares and Eric Young over at Amazin' Avenue.

Jon Niese is making his spring debut. His shoulder hurts. His K rate went down and his BB rate went up last year.



1. Eric Young (S) LF
2. Juan Lagares (R) CF
3. Kirk Nieuwenhuis (L) RF
4. Josh Satin (R) 3B
5. Matt Clark (L) 1B
6. Travis d'Arnaud (R) C
7. Andrew Brown (R) DH
8. Wilmer Flores (R) SS
9. Omar Quintanilla (L) 2B

Once again, we get started at 12:05 Busch Stadium Daylight Time on FSMW, KMOX, and
Less than 3 weeks until opening day.