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Hunt and Peck: Special Matt Carpenter Edition


Eye black is good for two things: Intimidation and lookin' sexy
Eye black is good for two things: Intimidation and lookin' sexy
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

He runs the back of a calloused hand across his forehead

A hand that has endured the beatings of splintering bats against its naked flesh

A hand rough and abused from years of neglect

Yet gentle enough to meticulously apply the perfect amount of under eye black

And guide misplaced pitches into outfield gaps


  • Remember when Matt Carpenter wasn't a second baseman?
    Viva el Birdos: How long will the Matt Carpenter second base experiment hold out?
  • Remember when lil' Carp "wasn't hitting"?
    Viva el Birdos: Does Matt Carpenter have another slump in his future?
  • Remember when Carp was an All-Star?
    Viva el Birdos: Matt Carpenter Gets His Due
  • Remember when Matt Carpenter got that 6-year extension?
    ESPN: Matt Carpenter signs 6-year deal
    Cardinals Fan in Cubs Land: Did the Cardinals overpay on Matt Carpenter's extension?
    MLBSH: Cardinals sign Carpenter to six-year extension
    Beyond the Box Score: Cardinals extend Matt Carpenter, keep being Cardinals
    MLB Daily Dish: Matt Carpenter Extension: The Cardinal Way, from late rounds of the draft to October
    STL Today: Carpenter's deal makes him a Cardinal Cornerstone
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    Viva el Birdos: Matt Carpenter Extension Brings Stability to Third Base
    MLB: Carpenter happy to be part of Cards' long-term core
    CBS Sports: Cardinals sign Matt Carpenter to six-year, $52 million extension
    MLB: Carpenter's unlikely ascent testament to work ethic
Reaction around the Web...

Non Carpenter News...

  • The Cardinals have also signed Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz, the person Joe has been fan-girling over for the past several weeks (Exhibit A and Exhibit B). Contract details were not available at publish time and by that I mean it is 1:25am and I have no details and will not be able to update this before it goes live at 10:30am. - Viva el Birdos
Weekend Scoreboard:

Friday, March 7 Cardinals (SS) 5 Mets 5

Friday, March 7 Marlins 7 Cardinals (SS) 3

Saturday, March 8 Nationals 4 Cardinals 4

Sunday, March 9 Cardinals 1 Nationals 11

(I am having technical difficulties with my charts, so hopefully this will suffice!)

At 12:05pm CST Shelby Miller of the Cardinals is slated to take on St. Louisan, Max Scherzer, of the Tigers. Look here for a full schedule of Spring Training action. The game will be available on MLB TV and Fox Sports Midwest. A complete listing of broadcast information is available here. Fink should be here shortly with your gamethread.

21 days until Opening Day, yo!

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