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Viva El Birdos Week in Review: 2/1/14-2/7/14

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The VEB Week in Review is a collection of the site's posts from the preceding week, including community member Fanposts of Note. It runs every Saturday morning.

Rob Carr

Fanpost of Note

Saturday, 2/1/14

  • Fourstick profiled minor-league outfielder and recent addition to the Cardinals organization Rafael Ortega for The Other 15 series on players who the Cardinals have on their 40-man roster but are unlikely to make the big-league club out of spring training.

Sunday, 2/2/14

  • In (an)Other 15 installment, Fourstick wrote up another 2013-14 Hot Stove addition to the Cardinals organization and 40-man roster: Randal Grichuk.
  • On Super Bowl Sunday, Joe wrote about Cardinals first-round draft pick and former professional handegg hurler Chad Hutchinson.

Monday, 2/3/14

  • The VEB community projections series picked back up first thing Monday morning, with Rui asking for community members' predictions on Matt Holliday's 2014 batting stats. We're still accepting VEB community member forecasts so, if you haven't yet, please feel free to join us and submit your predictions!
  • Craig opined that manager Mike Matheny should bat Holliday in the No. 2 lineup spot this season. (I agree with Craig.)
  • Fourstick and Cardinals645 continued their excellent Hatchlings series, which looks at notable Future Redbirds by the minor-league level they finished at last season. Monday's installment focused on "The A+ Crew."
  • Joe interviewed the newest Cardinals catching prospect, former third baseman Carson Kelly.

Tuesday, 2/4/14

  • Tuesday was a Jon Jay Day of sorts at VEB. Rui kicked off the festivities by asking the community for their 2014 Jay projections.
  • I analyzed how Jay's BABIP underpins his value as a player.
  • Craig posited that the Cardinals would be wise to keep Jay on the roster through the close of the 2014 season.
  • In The Other 15 series, fourstick profiled infielder Greg Garcia.
  • In our first "VEB After Dark" post, I wrote up how Cardinals outfield prospect Randal Grichuk tweetdropped on Rui's conversation with Baseball Prospectus prospectus guru Jason Parks and answered the question Rui posed Parks.

Wednesday, 2/5/14

  • Rui solicited community members' 2014 projections for new Cardinal Peter Bourjos.
  • Craig suggested that Bourjos might be an ideal candidate for batting ninth (with the pitcher eighth). If Carpenter and Holliday bat 1-2 in the order, it'd be fantastic.
  • In RB's Draft Preview Numero Six, he looked at some of the intriguing educated batsmen in the 2014 amateur class.
  • Cardinals645 made his solo VEB debut with a Hatchlings post that focused on Tyrell Jenkins and Patrick Wisdom.

Thursday, 2/6/14

  • Rui wants your Oscar Taveras 2014 projections. Give the man what he wants.
  • Craig examined MLB players who share Taveras's low K% and low BB%.
  • I wrote about how Busch Stadium III has established itself as a pitcher's park because of its power-hitting suppression.
  • Then I looked at the returning Cardinals regulars' home and road splits in 2013.
  • Joe penned the second VEB After Dark post, on Butler alumnus Pat Neshek, who the Cards inked to a minor-league deal with a spring training invite on Thursday.

Friday, 2/7/14

  • Rui started the day off with his 2014 VEB community projections post for new shortstop Jhonny Peralta.
  • I analyzed how Peralta helps and hurts his team win.
  • Fourstick looked at Hatchlings Marco Gonzales and Sam Tuivailala. This is the final Hatchlings post, but not the end of our prospects-related activity. Next up will be a community vote on the Cards' top 20 prospects.
  • Lil' Scoot delivered her Hunt and Peck collection of stories from around baseball.