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Birdographic: The St. Louis Cardinals' Starter Innings-Pitched Gap

I wanna be like Adam.
I wanna be like Adam.
Dustin Bradford

2013 Starter Innings Pitched (IP) Totals


  • No Cardinals starter has thrown 200 or more regular season innings in each of the last two seasons.
  • Two Cardinals pitchers topped the 200-inning plateau during the 2013 regular season: Adam Wainwright (241 1/3 IP) and Lance Lynn (202 1/3 IP).
  • Joe Kelly notched 179 1/3 IP in 2012 between St. Louis and Memphis, but just 124 IP in the 2013 regular season.
  • Michael Wacha has never thrown more than 149 2/3 IP in a regular season.
  • Carlos Martinez has never thrown more than 108 IP in a regular season.

It's true that Wacha, Kelly, Lynn, Wainwright, and Martinez all added to their 2013 regular season IP totals in the postseason, but that doesn't change the fact that St. Louis is going to ask them to shoulder a bigger regular season IP total than they ever before and then (hopefully) tap them for even more IP during October. Will the youngsters be able to hold up under the strain? Or, will the bullpen be able to handle an increased workload this year if the starters can't?