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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

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Awww... He even looks cute all sad. :(
Awww... He even looks cute all sad. :(
Jamie Squire

One of my favorite articles written on this site was the red baron's Jaime Garcia and The Curse of the Hot Lefty. I find it a perfect blend of baseball news and analysis, humor, and good looking men, some of my favorite things, but rarely all found in one place. When I heard the news about Jaime Garcia heading back to St. Louis for an MRI, my first reaction was to swear repeatedly, but my second reaction was to read that article. Upon completion, I realized three things:

1. Isn't it ironic that about a week after Mark Mulder's comeback attempt was stopped short, Garcia's return from injury was also halted?
2.  We really were not expecting Garcia to ever pitch again, yet this injury news came as shock to this optimistic, hopeful, young girl.
3. Is the the red baron British? (I guess technically he was German...)

My favorite Jaime moment was from May 6, 2011 when he took a perfect game into the 8th inning against the Brewers. I desperately wish that he will be able to pitch again and this is all just precautionary.  I truly hope we will see those perfectly groomed sideburns and the adorable, little, red glove out there with number #54 on the mound again. Not because the Cardinals cannot absorb this loss financially - because they can, and not because the organization does not have the talent to replace him - because it does, but I just truly enjoyed watching Jamie pitch and I am not ready for him to get off the bus quite yet. - Viva el BirdosSTLTodayMad em Dashes

Other Things Going on in Baseball...
  • Matt Harvey of the New York Mets threw for the first time this past week, just four months after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Harvey is looking to rehab in New York to be ready for the 2015 season. - MLB
  • Spring Training games are nearly here, and that means exhibition games, which I love. This upcoming game between the Yankees and the Florida State pits the Bronx Bombers against BSC National Champion and Heisman Trophy Winner, Jamis Winston, who is pretty good at baseball, too. - Cut4
  • Uhg... Phillies... Could you like... be anymore Phillies? - CBSSports
  • So, the Angels might be discussing a six year, $150 million extension with Mike Trout. - LA Times
    That and other rumors here. - CBSSports
  • There have been some complaints about the qualifying offer and the free agent compensation system (you won't hear any from me - this system has turned out to be pretty nice for the Cardinals).  Are the complaints valid and what can be done to change the system? - Fangraphs
  • This morning, fourstick posted the results of Viva el Birdos Community Top 20 Prospects. Moments later, Beyond the Box Score shared their 2014 Consensus Top 160 Prospects, with a few Cardinal young-ins making the list.- Beyond the Box Score
What the Cardinals are Up to...
  • After countless hours of VEB agonizing over innings limits for the likes of Michael Wacha and Shelby Miller at the end of the 2013 season, we can rest at ease, knowing that the Cardinals do not plan to implement such limits in 2014. - STLToday
  • With the injury to Jaime Garcia, the Cards will be looking to their farmhands to help fill the loss. Derrick Goold looks at who might benefit from the second chance.- STLToday
  • The United Cardinals Bloggers have came out with its annual publication on the 2013 Cardinals, Purpose, Perseverance, and Power Arms: The 2013 Cardinals. - Amazon
  • The Yankees have decided to pass on Cuban defectors Aledmys Diaz and Odrisamer Despaigne. This might open the door for the Cardinals to swoop in. - MLB Trade Rumors
  • I find this gross.
  • Matheny is sick of his pitchers and their strikeouts. - STLToday
  • Jason Motte threw to a crouching catcher for the first time on Sunday and Kevin Siegrist also threw on Sunday, after taking a break due to arm soreness, which is very good news. - MLB
  • Ummmm... back off Olivia. - Instagram
  • WACHA. - MLB
  • Even with a top tier rotation, the Cincinnati Reds and their quiet offseason may see their window for winning championships start to close. - Sports on Earth
  • Cardinal70 (@C70) from Cardinal Conclave begins his annual spring series, Playing Pepper, looking at the offseason, rosters, and predictions of other teams in the NL Central. This week kicks off with the Chicago Cubs. - Cards Conclave
  • I just really love this dog. - Deadspin
*You might have noticed today is not Friday, but Monday, which is not the usual day for the link post. This is because you have just read the first installment of Links of the Weekend, a shorter link post to summarize what breaking news occurred over the weekend! This is to help provide more links and information and to keep the darn St. Louis media from Stonewalling me like Thomas Jackson by posting really cool, breaking information on Friday evening and making me wait a week until I can post it.

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