Cardinals' 2020 All-Star Game Representatives

So, first I'll give a shoutout to, the Padres' SB Nation site that gave the great idea of doing this. This is basically a quick question, but it's going to take a lot of thinking, a lot of projecting, and a lot of "I hope nobody reads this in six years" type of logic. With baseball, there's always a connection that lasts longer-term than any other sport. You can obtain up to 11 straight guaranteed years of a player's career, with 5 straight in the minor leagues and then another 6 years before they hit Free Agency. So we're talking about an amazing amount of time spent with one team, which is why projecting six years into the future isn't as difficult as it may seem.

Basically, the question is, in 2020, who will the St. Louis Cardinals' All-Star Game Reps be? It's an interesting question, one that can be taken in many different approaches. You can have Oscar Taveras as a rep if you believe he's a stud, or maybe Shelby Miller, or perhaps you believe the electric Carlos Martinez is going to be in the running, or his 'pen mate Trevor Rosenthal. But let's not fixate too much on the super young, as someone like Lance Lynn, Matt Carpenter or Allen Craig could still be relevant at that age. Or maybe you get one "goodbye" circuit from Adam Wainwright in 2020, and he pulls one out of nowhere to be in the ASG. Maybe you believe that someone not on the roster currently, like someone in the minors (Alex Reyes? Piscotty? Kaminsky?) busts out to be a stud by then. Geez, maybe the kid is still in High School!

In order to keep this mostly uniform, I propose a limit of THREE players that you can pick. That way we don't let the homerism get too far here, but we are forced to actually make difficult choices. If I had to fill out my ballot, I would pick

Oscar Taveras

Shelby Miller

Carson Kelly (surprise!)

Obviously my picks will likely be a lot different than yours, as I don't believe that a lot of the aging guys will be relevant then, and I don't think someone like Matt Adams will be in the org. Miller seems like a solid #2, and might have the best chance to really bust out. Taveras seems like a safe bet here, one that I'll throw my hat in the ring for. Kelly seems like he can really sneak up on people in a way that Cards prospects usually can't. You can't go wrong with guessing (until 2020, that is...), so feel free to throw your votes out there!