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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Week

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Spring is in the air... sort of.

The caption for this is too obvious.
The caption for this is too obvious.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of links to get to this week and I busted both my thumbs (long story) and typing is a bitter, cruel battle (don't get me started on buttons) that can only be compared to hitting an Adam Wainwright curveball, so I will be brief.

There is about a 70% chance of precipitation today, it might already be snowing, but you know where is it warm(ish) and sunny(ish)?

Jupiter, Florida. And if you are a pitcher or catcher (so basically Yadier Molina) in the Cardinals organization (and I guess you have been asked to be there), you should definitely be there.

The thought of pitchers throwing bullpens makes every passionate baseball fan yearn for spring, almost more so than the two inches of snow/sleet/ice/nonsense the St. Louis area is expected to get today. Fortunately, the meteorological spring begins March 1, a few short weeks away.

The day before that? The first Spring Training game. So. Happy. - STLToday

Other Things Going on in Baseball...

  • Let's start out with the biggest news. Captain of the Yankees and purveyor of many a gift basket to many a young woman has announced he plans to retire after the 2014 season. Whether it was the backhanded flip to home, the diving catch into the stands, or the November homerun in 2001, Derek Jeter has cemented a legacy as one the sport's best. - MLB
  • Sports Illustrated debuts its National League winter report card. Can you guess which over-achievers top the list? - SI
  • Former MVP, Vladimir Guerrero celebrated his 39th birthday over the week. Here is a video of his first home run and surprise, the pitch wasn't in the strike zone. - Cut4
  • What does the Freddie Freeman deal say about the way the league is changing? Is TV money making bigger deals to young, promising players less risky? Some other third question? - Sports on Earth
  • A wise man once told me "When the GOB close a door, they open a window." Unless you are the Phillies, in which case your window is boarded up, sealed, and recently covered in feces. - SBNation
  • Speaking of the Phillies, they have again signed someone that have no business signing. An agreement has been reached with former Pirate A.J. Burnett for one year, $16 million. - CBS Sports
  • A few days ago it was 42 days until Opening Day. You know what that means? Of course you do! But just to be sure, it means cool Jackie Robinson stuff. - MLB Blogs
  • Albert Pujols has arrived to Spring Training, feeling better and hoping for a healthy season. - MLB
  • Tracy McGrady is still attempting to pitch. Evaluate his chances by watching this. - Cut4
  • With Bronson Arroyo's new home in Arizona, the Brroyo/Cardinals love/hate relationship will finally be over. - MLB

What the Cardinals are Up To...

  • To properly celebrate the conclusion of the Cardinals volatile relationship with Arroyo, here is a look back at all of their great moments together. - Retro Simba
  • The Birdos are yet again written very highly of, especially the young pitching. This time, by Yahoo Sports. Shoutout to IHeartBoog for the link! - Yahoo Sports
  • The Cardinals are graded in Sports Illustrated's winter report card. They are again given a favorable grade, because anything less than an A would be embarrassing. Thanks goes to flood for sending me this link! -SI
  • Another assist from flood on this link. In case you missed this article awhile back, was Michael Wacha tipping his pitches? Beyond the Box Score
  • Beyond the Box Score also takes a look at the 2013 Gold Glove catchers. Spoiler alert: Yadi is good a baseball. Spoiler alert: The pitching staff isn't too bad, either. - Beyond the Box Score
  • By Gosh gives her intro and preview into Spring Training and answers some questions that have been on our minds. - MLB
  • Thirsty for more information about the man who orchestrated 16 (or something like that) double palys last season? The Memphis Daily News does an article on everyone's favorite sinkerballer. - Memphis Daily News
  • LOTS of good articles from STLToday about Spring Training. I could list them all individully, but I think it will be easier if I put my favorites all here. Is this a cop-out? Yes. Sue me. - No Plan For Molina - Peralta Arrives - Martinez Reports - Jack Clark Apologizes

  • Dusty Baker may not be on a team, but I will always consider him an enemy in the NL Central. And he is looking to manage somewhere. - SBNation
  • This has been the most BORING offseason for the NL Central. Here is another link about the Reds doing mostly nothing. - Red Reporter
  • Seriously. BOR-ING. The most interesting thing the Pirates did was not re-sign AJ Burnett. - Bucs' Dugout
  • I am not kidding. It is so weird how quiet the NL Central has been this offseason. - Sports on Earth

Viva el Stuff...

  • Most importantly, VEB's sponsorship of Jim Edmond's Baseball Reference Page is up for renewal in 7 days, which will cost $120. fink is asking for $20 from 6 people via PayPal to renew it. Go rec gus w's comment from this post, too. - Viva el Birdos
  • This week, VEB debuted a new series titled "Mathenaging", where we look at different aspects that go into decisions Mike Matheny must make as manager of the Cardinals. - Viva el Birdos
  • Been overwhelmed by all the great content the writers have been pumping out each day? Can't find the discussion thread? bgh/Ben/Overlord has listened to your grievances and has come up with a solution. - Viva el Birdos
  • kicker31 challenges us to pick three Cardinals All Stars for 2020 in this viva el fanpost. - Viva el Birdos
  • VEB Event Organizer, a fink, has posted info on this season's VEB Day/Weekend. Keep up the good work, fink. You are doing a great job and please don't quit because no one else wants to do it. - Viva el Birdos
  • B to the G to the H delivers this week's VEB Week in Review. - Viva el Birdos
  • This marathon of links not enough for you insatiable people? Check out last week's. I have given it all I got. - Viva el Birdos

Other Things...
  • I love them. But apparently the athletes have been having some problems in the wonderful Russian city of Sochi and is Putin still looking? - Yahoo Sports
  • Does the USA have all the medals yet? Look out behind you, Norway. Keep track with this convenient tracker. - SBNation
  • I just love this so much. - SBNation
  • Good form, Katie Hanson, but a little slow with that turn. - SBNation
  • USA men's hockey team defeats Slovakia 7 - 1. David Backes, TJ Oshie, and Kevin Shattenkirk of the Blues all put up points for the Stars and Stripes while Slovakian netminder, Jaroslav Halak, also of the Blues, allows 4 goals (or was it 5?). The US women lost to Canada 3 - 2 in a game the didn't matter much because they still moved on to the semi-final so can we just beat them next time puh-leese? - NHL
  • In non Olympic news, today is Valentine's Day! Show that special someone how much you care with valentines like these. - Joe Sports Fan - Cut4 - MLB

    Three days until position players report to Spring Training, Yo!

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