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Hunt and Peck: May the Winter Meetings commence!

Need the newest Winter Meetings news?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Check out this link for live Winter Meetings coverage. - ESPN

And for the latest info on the Cardinals Winter Meetings, check out this hub Overlord made for you. - Viva el Birdos

what else is going on in baseball...

what the cardinals are up to...
  • No jinx.
  • Yadier Molina has added a new element to his game. - Viva el Birdos
  • The Cardinals' Winter Meetings look to be quiet. - MLB
  • Adam Wainwright apologizes to fantasy baseball fans for missing his last start after he and I both took zeros this week in fantasy football when Julius Thomas didn't take a single snap. - Cut4
    the nl central

    • The Reds' team awards were announced at #RedsFest. - MLB
    • Will the Reds move a starting pitcher? - MLB
    • The Cubs could be interested in Miguel Montero. - MLB
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