Help an Englishman!

My name's Sam, I'm a 29 year-old guy from the North West of England. I've spent the last year or so enjoying baseball, and I've been looking at locking in a team to support. Having recently visited St. Louis, I found Busch Stadium, and the city in general, fascinating but, as an underdog kinda guy, I'm concerned about choosing a team that has had such a huge amount of recent success. On the other hand, the Cards seem to have a wonderful history, with great franchise icons like Ozzie Smith and Lou Brock that draw me in a little bit.

I've watched a fair amount of the Cubs last season, and they seem like the ultimate underdogs in a way, but having just hired Joe Maddon (and apparently being richer than Croesus) it seems like a time that a lot of bandwagon fans are gonna be hopping on to them, and I can't honestly get excited about them in the same way.

So I really just wanted to ask you guys for a bit of input as to what St. Louis is like for young people (unfortunately only got a fleeting visit last time), what they love about their team, how the Ballpark Village surrounding the stadium is shaping up, places you enjoy going before/after a game, things like that. Just so I can get an idea of the fanbase of the team and what makes it unique. Any insight into the history of the franchise or particular moments that resonated with you would be terrific as well. Thanks!