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Printstant Replay holiday giveaway

Another giveaway? Sure! Enter! Win!

Hunter Mize, owner of Printstant Replays recently contacted us to offer up a couple of his nifty prints to our readers. His company commemorates special plays in sports history with prints and t-shirts.

His print for the Cardinals might stir some memories.

printstant replays

They also offer a shirt with the same design on their Cardinals page.

There are two ways to win. First, enter the form below. I will have random number generator pick out the winner Sunday evening. Second, we're using some sort of new-fangled social media thingy. Head over to the Viva El Birdos facebook page (you must like the page, too!) and our social media intern will post a link to this page with instructions to like it or share it or poke it or book it or whatever one does to things on facebook. A winner will be chosen from that group as well. You can enter both ways, but if you somehow win twice, the wall next to my living room couch might intercept one of them. You never can tell with walls.

Oh, and if you don't win, or if you do win and want like eight of them, use the promo code ELBIRDOS for 15% off anything in the Printstant Replays shop.

Good luck. We're all counting on you.