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Viva El Birdos Winter Meetings. Come say hello!

A bunch of us are hanging out. Join us.

pub people
pub people
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

WHAT: A bunch of us are getting together to hang out and talk some ball or maybe sandwiches. Drink and eat some things perhaps. Maybe some darts will be thrown. Maybe some boards will be shuffled.

WHERE: Heavy Riff Brewing Company, 6413 Clayton Ave.

WHEN: Monday, December 15th when you're done with work or whatever. I think the first folks arrived at 5ish last year, and people left and arrived throughout the evening. Just come when you're able.

WHO: VEBers, VEB lurkers, VEB spouses, special friends, unspecial friends, twitter people, pod people, nice people, and others. All are welcome, even you.

WHY: Because it'll be fun, dummy.

Questions? Ask them. Want to tell us you're coming? Go ahead! But you don't have to. But do come. See you there!