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St. Louis Cardinals hitting coach John Mabry meets Ty Kelly, becomes confused

Imagining that moment John Mabry finds Ty Kelly just standing in the batting cages instead of taking swings because, well, what's the point?

The St. Louis Cardinals traded righthanded pitcher Sam Gaviglio to the Mariners in exchange for infielder Ty Kelly and Viva El Birdos is on it. VEB had three posts on the Cardinals' latest trade acquisition (one from Finkelanother from Joe, and a third from Lil' Scooter). Then, Kelly was kind enough to sit down for an interview on the VEB podcast. In case all of this wasn't enough to convey VEB's overall sentiment in regard to Kelly, here's a comic commemorating his aversion to swinging baseball bats, how it might manifest itself in the batting cage, and what Cardinals hitting coach John Mabry's reaction might be.

DISCLAIMER: This may or may not look like Ty Kelly because I didn't have many pictures to work from, but VEB obviously needed more Ty Kelly content, so I'm happy to oblige.

Mabry Meets Ty Kelly