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Hunt and Peck: Brett Lawrie is a good man

Brett Lawrie pays a visit to one of his biggest little fans.

Izzy did this A LOT for the Cardinals... like, a record number of times.
Izzy did this A LOT for the Cardinals... like, a record number of times.
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

I, among others, became enamored with the story of the young girl (I later discovered her name is Amelia) crying when the Blue Jays traded her favorite player, Brett Lawrie, to Oakland. As someone who knows the heartbreak of trades all too well (I will never forget you, David Freese!) I empathized with this poor girl. I also felt a little bad that her trauma was plastered all over the internet.

But sometimes a little heartbreak is necessary to achieve our dreams. You go girl!

what an amazing moment so cool and privileged to meet this lady

A video posted by @blawrie1313 on

I just love a happy ending!

(Shout out to flood and Overlord for knowing I love this story and sending me links to it!)

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