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Hunt and Peck: A VEB Winter Meetings Recap

If you missed Monday night's meet-up, you're in luck!

this, pretty much
this, pretty much
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Monday night marked our annual VEB Winter Meet-up, better known as VEB Winter Meetings. We use these meet-ups as an opportunity to get to know the faces behind the computer around here. We also use these meet-ups as an excuse to drink beer (or hard cider in some cases) and play shuffleboard.

Here were the items on the agenda:

  • The Continental was wearing an amazing holiday sweater
  • Fink was in his winter hair so his Mark Ellis-ness was much subdued
  • Fritz left early to pick up a hot ham and cheese from IMO's
  • Dogtown is a rather nice area
  • Hatts for Matts and I nearly completed the comeback to take down Joe Schwarz and Drew Silva in shuffleboard, but fell just short
  • In perhaps one of the greatest comebacks in history, Fink and I defeated Joe and Drew in shuffleboard
  • Fink and I were defeated by Mrs. Fink and Spants in shuffleboard - the final score isn't important
  • A recap of last meeting's events
  • A recap of my getting lost trying to go to last meeting's events
Thanks to everyone that showed up! I hope to see you all again! Thanks to Heavy Riff Brewing Company for allowing us to invade their tavern.

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