The Hot Dog is a Problem

Dog & Bat

"The Giant Slugger" (source:

This FanPost does not mention "sandwich"--oops; dangit!

Baseball and hot dogs go together. Like boat shoes 'n decks. An enduring, natural pair. How enduring?
According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC), since 1893. But that's not the problem. You see, this all started in St. Louis:

" 1893, sausages became the standard fare at baseball parks. This tradition is believed to have been started by a St. Louis bar owner, Chris Von de Ahe, a German immigrant who also owned the St. Louis Browns major league baseball team."

That's a problem.

We've long been proclaimed as the most knowledgeable, supportive, friendly-to-opposing-fans, clap-for-a-great-opposing-team-play, Best Fans in Baseball.
Our stadium is in Baseball Heaven.
Our team's got a documented, often-imitated, never-duplicated "Way."
We got trophies and rings out the wazoo, second only the dirt-bag Yankees. We got Clydesdales, we got a Village.

We got the freakin' handsomest manager in the game.

The Haters appeared again this year to spit on yet another Cradz postseason appearance.
Maybe they don't know St. Louis invented the all-time baseball food group.

Maybe others see this as another flag to fly over St. Louis baseball awesomeness.
Haters gonna hate.

But here's hoping the Cards would promote a new King of Portable Baseball Food:
Pork Steak on a Stick.