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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Week

It is awards season!

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Yadier Molina is gold glove catcher x 7

This was so much more difficult to make than you would think

Gold glove winners include:

  • Pitchers:
    NL - Zack Grienke
    AL - Dallas Kuechel
  • Catchers:
    NL - Yadier Molina
    AL- Salvador Perez
  • First base:
    NL - Adrian Gonzalez
    AL - Eric Hosmer
  • Second base:
    NL- DJ LeMahieu
    AL - Dustin Pedroia
  • Third base:
    NL - Nolen Arenado
    AL - Kyle Seager
  • Shortstop:
    NL - Andrelton Simmons
    AL - J.J. Hardy
  • Left field:
    NL - Christian Yelich
    AL - Alex Gordon
  • Center field:
    NL - Juan Lagares
    AL - Adam Jones
  • Right field:
    NL - Jason Heyward
    AL - Nick Markakis
Check these gold glove-worthy gifs. - Cut4

what else is going on in baseball...

  • It is award season! Vote for the GIBBYs here. - MLB
  • The "finalists" for MVP, Cy Young, Manager of the Year, and Rookie of the Year have been announced. - MLB
  • And of course, Silver Slugger winners. - MLB
    And GIFs! - Cut4Cut4
  • Rex Ryan names Madison Bumgarner as the Jets starting quarterback. He was joking... probably. - Cut4
  • Cuban prospect Yoan Moncada is petitioning for free agency. - MLB
  • Alfonso Soriano retires after a sixteen-year major league career. - MLB
  • The Dodgers have a new general manager... and it is Farhan Zaidi. Gulp. - MLB
  • Padres shortstop Everth Cabrera is charged with resisting arrest. - ESPN
  • Remember when the White Sox reportedly turned down Carlos Martinez for Alexei Ramirez? That was weird. - Hardball Talk
  • A's say there are no plans to trade Josh Donaldson. - Hardball Talk
  • Is Alex Rodriguez still good at baseball? - SBNation
  • Bumgarner and James Shields threw a lot of pitches. Was it too many? - Fangraphs
  • The Rockies listening about Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez. - SBNation
  • Would you take Albert Pujols and his contract right now, if that meant you also got Mike Trout and his contract? - Fangraphs

what the cardinals are up to...

  • David Eckstein might be out of baseball, but he is still adorable and keeping busy. - Sports Illustrated
  • The Cards name David Bell as the new bench coach. - Viva el Birdos
  • What will the Cardinals do with Peter Bourjos? (Oh, you guys are going to love this article.) - BND
  • Cardinal70 continues his series of "Exit Interviews." Jhonny Peralta is the most recent. - Card Conclave
    You can find the rest here. - Cards Conclave

the nl central

  • Brewers trade Marco Estrada for Adam Lind. - MLB
  • Joe Maddon and the Cubs belong together. - Sports on Earth
  • And he is already talking playoffs. - MLB
  • Kris Bryant saves a fan $850. This is really quite awesome. - Cut4

viva el stuff...

  • Notorious PSC looks at some potential trade targets for the Cardinals. - Viva el Birdos
  • Max Rieper, the site manager at Royal Review, has a pretty interesting offseason simulation you can be a part of. - Viva el Birdos
  • vances law is curious about the moves the Cardinals have made so far. Anyone have any ideas? - Viva el Birdos
  • Ben updated the roster matrix. Here is where the Cardinals are at with money owed. - Viva el Birdos
  • Aaron compares our community projections to the actual results, starting with Lance Lynn. - Viva el Birdos
  • The hot stove is warming up. Aaron and Joe look at a potential trade target to help answer the depressing right field question. - Viva el Birdos

other things...

  • Want to get rich? Move to the Midwest! *fist pump - Personal Capital
  • November 4 was election day across the country. Here are the results! (Disclaimer: This link is provided to serve as information, not an invitation to debate politics. Please do not do that here! Here are the Community Guidelines.) - Politico
  • The Blues win their seventh in a row Thursday night at Scottrade. - St. Louis Game Time
  • Vladimir Tarasenko is a bawss. I believe hildymac of St. Louis Game Time called him the "Matt Carpenter of the Blues" or something to that effect on Twitter. - SBNation
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