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Is Jason Heyward a steal for the Cardinals?

The Cardinals traded for Jason Heyward and Jordan Walden, giving up Shelby Miller and Tyrell Jenkins.

Go beard or go home
Go beard or go home
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals transformed their roster this morning, trading away former top prospect and two-year starter Shelby Miller along with prospect Tyrell Jenkins for Jason Heyward and bullpen arm Jordan Walden. Aaron Finkel wrote the initial analysis for the site. Aaron summed it up thusly:

The downside here is that Heyward walks and Jenkins or Miller become a star. The upside is that the Cardinals likely just made a marked improvement to their 2015 squad by dealing from depth while getting a chance to lock up a possible superstar for a long time. There are no certainties in baseball, but it looks like this was a trade well worth making for both squads, and there are a lot of reasons for Cardinals fans to be enthusiastic about it.

To help catch everyone up this evening (and start a new thread as the initial one was getting cumbersome), please find below analysis from all over the worldwide web.

Local Angle

A look from St.Louis writers and national Cardinals sympathizers

Other Perspectives
A look around to see what others had to say any the Cardinals landing Heyward.
We'll have more analysis in the coming days once we've had more opportunity to let the trade digest. Shelby Miller was an  important part of the staff the last few years, but Heyward is likely to good of a player to pass up given the possibilities in right field. As for Miller's replacement in the rotation, I start my campaigning early.