Offseason Simulation Recap

Hello from the fake GM of El Birdos.

My name is Ryan, and for the past 4 days I have been playing John Mozeliak. Now, let me start this by saying that the Cardinals fielded a very good team in 2014, I've just been trying to upgrade that roster, not blow it up. So let's get to my moves with explanations and an opening day roster at the end.

I entered this sim with a few goals and a recommended payroll of $122 million. Here were my goals:

  • Flip Jon Jay for as much value as he'll go for
  • Upgrade the bullpen
  • Fix right field
  • Upgrade the bench.....significantly
  • Add a platoon bat if I can

Traded Jon Jay and Xavier Scruggs to the Mariners for C Tyler Marlette and RHP Victor Sanchez Could I have gotten more for Jay? Maybe, but the market for him was surprisingly surpressed. So I flipped him to Seattle for a pair of their top 10 prospects. Marlette is a guy that I have pegged as the long-term replacement for Yadier Molina, and Sanchez is a gas throwing righty that could be a starter but projects out as a dominant late inning reliever.

Picked up the $500K option on John Lackey This one was a no-brainer, and needs no justification or explanation

Traded Randal Grichuk to the Twins for Michael Cederoth I believe in the idea that clearing a position for a prospect causes that prospect to perform better, so I shopped Grichuk with the original idea that Piscotty would take over RF in 2015. As for Cederoth? He projects out as a front of the rotation gas-throwing starter who could be a reliever early in his career, but he's another system's top 15 prospect.

Traded Boone Whiting to the Padres for Will Venable The Padres GM came to me offering up his OF depth for basically any minor leaguer, so I jumped at Venable to add depth and versatility and some power and some speed. Whiting isn't much of a loss at all and Venable could turn out to be pretty valuable so I liked this deal

Traded "Easy" Ed Easley to the Giants for Javier Lopez Javy Lopezis about as dominant of a bullpen LHP there is, so when the Giants came to me and basically offered him up for free, I jumped at it to upgrade my bullpen. Easley is hardly a loss to my long term and short term plans and Lopez is a really nice piece to add to the bullpen.

Signed Luke Gregerson to a 3 yr. $18 million deal I wanted Gregerson badly to start the offseason, and I may have overpaid for him, but I believe he'll be worth this contract when it's up. He's a versatile set-up option that Matheny will love, and I continue to vamp up the 'pen.

Signed Zach Duke to a 3 yr. $9 million deal Now, before you start yelling, I signed Duke before I traded for Lopez, so there. But Duke is an underrated lefty who can both righties and lefties out. I pegged him as a fallback if myAndrew Miller negotiations fell through, (which they did, I ain't paying him no $45 mil), and it worked out nicely for me.

Signed Nick Markakis to a 4 yr. $62 million deal Is Nick Markakis worth $62 million? Sure is, and if you look at the sim and see Chase Headly signing a deal for 4 yrs. and $80 million you might think I got a bargain here. But I solved my RF issue for the near future, and yes, I know I contradicted my earlier statement about clearing the way for Piscotty. But I tried to negotiate for Carlos Gonzalez with the Rockies and they wouldn't give him to me because I wouldn't give upKolten Wong. So that fell through, and Markakis was a fall back option. Also, did it cost me a draft pick? No sir, the Orioles didn't offer him a QO

Signed Mike Morse to a 3 yr. $20 million deal Added thump to the bench, a platoon bat for Adams and, potentially, Markakis, hits home runs, I loved this signing. Thought I got a solid deal here, didn't overpay too much.

So after all of that, here's my opening day roster:

Starting Rotation:

Adam Wainwright

Lance Lynn

Michael Wacha

John Lackey

Shelby Miller


Trevor Rosenthal

Carlos Martinez

Luke Gregerson

Zach Duke

Javier Lopez

Marco Gonzales

Sam Tuivailala (a spring training war will break out over this spot and I project Tui winning that war)


Matt Carpenter

Kolten Wong

Matt Adams

Jhonny Perala


Matt Holliday

Nick Markakis

Peter Bourjos


Will Venable

Mike Morse

Tony Cruz

Greg Garcia/Dean Anna

Stephen Piscotty/Shane Robinson/Tommy Pham

Pretty solid, if you ask me. And here's the line-up as I project it.

Carpenter 3B

Wong 2B

Holliday LF

Adams 1B

Peralta SS

Molina C

Markakis RF

Bourjos CF

There you have it. What do you think kids?